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Ch 12

US History

What was one effect of the Presidential Election of 1828? increased voting
An argument over a state's right to over-rule a law passed by the federal government led to- Nullification Crisis
Which of the following was one reason for the relocation of Native Americans in the 1830's? to gain agricultural land and resources
To the victor go the spoils
The Trail of Tears refers to the removal of these people from their homeland Cherokee
Senator Henry Clay called President Jackson this because of his growing power as president King Andrew
A difference in economic interests among regions is sectionalism
To nullify means to refuse to accept or obey a law by a state
This state threatened to secede from the US over a tariff protecting northern factories South Carolina
President Jackson tried to pass this law to be able to send troops to South Caroline over a tax Force Bill
A gold discovery in this state was another reason white settlers pushed for Indian removal Georgia
What did VP Calhoun do in response to the Nullification Crisis? He resigned his office as VP of the US
President Jackson believed that Indian Removal would allow Indians to keep their culture or way of life
Andrew Jackson was known as the President of the Common Man because- he appointed average citizens to government positions, he opposed the national bank, he was a war hero
Which statement is true about Jackson's term as President? Democracy in America expanded
The term "mudslinging" was first used in the 1824 election and refers to- candidates insulting each other
Jacksonian Democracy led to- Indian Removal, the spoils system, mudslinging
This state threatened to secede from the Union over the Tariff of 1828- South Carolina
The Tariff of 1828 was also called the- Tariff of Abominations
Why did Andrew Jackson hate the National Bank? he thought it benefited the rich
A term used when the President "rejects" a law passed by congress- veto
A tariff is a tax on imported goods
Why was the South opposed to higher tariffs on imports? it would make it difficult to export crops
Who benefited the most from the spoils system? average citizens
What factor led to the increase in voters between 1824 and 1828? many states ended property qualifications to vote
The Indian Removal Act led to an event known as the- Trail of Tears
President Andrew Jackson used the spoils system to- reward those who supported him
Which state leader from South Carolina argued that a state could nullify laws? John C. Calhoun
Why did the Cherokee Nation challenge Georgia's anti-Cherokee laws in the Supreme Court? Gold was discovered on Cherokee land, Georgia abolished the Cherokee government. Cherokee refused to leave Georgia.
President Jackson responded to a Supreme Court decision about the Cherokees by-- ignoring the ruling and moving them anyway
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