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7 Hist Ch 12 BJU WS

America Which nation experienced a war for independence that was partly based on Enlightenment and Reformation ideas?
Austria Against which country did Hungary revolt?
Cavour most successful at uniting northern Italy; prime minister of the Kingdom of Sardinia
Code Napoleon codification of French law in which many laws were passed during the Revolution
Committee of Public Safety committee that led Fance's revolutionary government; gained absolute authority in France; executed a mass of people during the Reign of Terror
Declaration of the Rights of Man an important French document; demanded the end of the many abuses suffered by the French people; signed by the National Assembly
Directory five-man committee that governed France just before Napoleon came to power; made peace with Prussia and Spain, but remained at war with Austria and Britain
Estates-General the only political body in France with the authority to reform the nation's tax system; convened by Louis XVI
First Consul position Napoleon pushed 2 others out of to become dictator of France
First Estate archbishops and bishops; managed 10% of the land for the Roman Church; owned valuable properties in the cities and exempt from most taxes
Garibaldi Italian nationalist who formed the army the "Red Shirts"; ; conquered the island of Sicily and the city of Naples
Germany The economic union called Zollverein and the Schleswig and Holstein paved the way for the unification of what country?
Germany and Italy two countries unified by nationalism
Great Powers major European nations; met in London; recognized Belgian independence in 1831
Greece was under Ottoman control; revolted and obtained independence from the Ottoman Empire with the help of other European countries
Hungary was under Austria's control for centuries
Louis XVI (16th) king of France during the French revolution; political and financial collapse occurred during his reign
Marie-Antoinette married to Louis XVI; was Queen of France during the French Revolution
Mazzini nationalist who formed Young Italy
Napoleon Bonaparte Army general who became dictator of France; used military power to take control of the French government; became First Consul
National Assembly formed by the members of the Third Estate; signed the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Tennis Court Oath
nationalism/ patriotism term that means intense devotion and loyalty to one's own people and country
Otto von Bismarck chancellor of Prussia; used diplomacy, propaganda, and military to unite the Germans into one country
Poland eastern European country that was partitioned by powerful neighboring countries and lost its independence until after World War I; eastern portion controlled by Russia
Reign of Terror period of mass execution; at least twenty-five thousand men & women were sent to the guillotine, including Marie-Antoinette
Risorgimento "resurgence"; contributed to the movement for Italian nationalism
Russia In what country did Napoleon lose over half of his men because of harsh weather and enemy soldiers?
Russia Which nation controlled and annexed eastern Poland?
Second Estate French nobles and aristocrats; owned about 20% of the land; gained wealth by charging rent and fees
The Netherlands The Belgians revolted and became independent from what country?
Third Estate middle class artisans, townsmen, and peasants; owned 15 - 50 % of the land; the majority of the population
Victor Emmanuel II first king of united Italy; Prime Minister/ king of Sardinia
Voltaire French writer during the Enlightenment; wrote 20,000 letters, 2000 books and many pamphlets
Waterloo town near Belgium where Napoleon was defeated by the armies of Prussia and Britain
Wilhelm I first kaiser of the united Germany; king that appointed Otto von Bismarck as chancellor of Prussia
Young Italy was formed for the purpose of accomplishing Italian unification
Zollverein formed to enhance trade; economic union resulted in German unification
Created by: Mrs_CC
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