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New England Colonies

New England Colony

Who were the people that wanted to separate from the English church and left because of religious reasons? Separatists
The name of the people who traveled on the Mayflower but were not Puritans strangers
The name of the people who wanted the church to be more "pure" but did not feel they needed to separate from the English church. Puritans
The group of people who came over on the Mayflower in 1620 were known as? Pilgrims
A representative from each town who would go to Boston to help make laws. delegate
A person who would leave home and spend months learning a trade. apprentice
A book used to help teach children reading and other skills primer
A government that allows citizens to participate in making laws direct democracy
An agreement to obey the rules of Plymouth Colony. Mayflower Compact
The building used in villages where people would meet at least twice a week to hear the minister talk about what God expected of you meeting house
What the King of England granted the Puritans the right to elect their own leaders, charter
If most people voted in favor of an idea it is called? majority rule
Who taught the children to read and write fathers
What were some of the chores of the Puritan girls cooking, spinning, making soap
What were some of the chores of the Puritan boys? farming chores, planing crops, taking care of animals, mending fences
At what age did Puritan children need to act like an adult 6 or 7
What were 3 reasons life was difficulty in England in the 1600's? rising prices, high unemployment, low wages
Name 3 of the Wampanoags Native American tribe that helped the Pilgrims during the harsh winter. Samoset, Squanto, Chief Massasoit
About how many Pilgrims died during the first winter? More than half
How many Pilgrims first settled in Plymouth 101 or 102
First Governor of Plymouth Colony John Carver
Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded after Plymouth by who? Puritans
Governor of Massachusette Bay Colony John Winthrop
The name of "City of Gold" Boston
He didn't like that only church members could vote. He was forced out and established Rhode Island Roger Williams
She disagreed with ministers of the Puritan church and held meetings in her home. She was banished and went to Rhode Island. Anne Hutchinson
He also complained about the Puritan church and ended up founding the colony of Connecticut Thomas Hooker
What did the Puritans think you needed to get to heaven? God's grace
What 3 things dd Puritans think you must do to get to heaven ? follow every rule, read the bible, listen to your minister, do plenty of good deeds.
Where Puritans went to discuss the day with others while their animals grazed on the land. common
If you lived in Puritan New England, who was granted land Only families
As time passed, more people settled in Massachusettes for not religious reasons but for what? money
What jobs, besides farming, developed in Massachusetts area as more settlers came? fishing, shipbuilding, trading
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