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Science 4-1

What is the specific function of xylem to bring nutrients from the roots to the top and leaves
where is food stored in a plant a bulb
TOA: a possum playing dead behavioral
feathers on a bird structural
Snake venom to kill prey physiological
detachable tail on lizard structural
birds migrating behavioral
Gills on fish structural
What is the natural home or environment of animal habitat
Define adaptation a characteristic or trait that helps an organism survive in its environment
camouflage structural
Dolphins call tones to communicate Behavioral
rattle snake venom P
Llama increased RBC count because of high altitude physiological
How does a detachable tail help a lizard it can help them escape from a predator
Why does a heron have long legs and beak capture them quickly and so it can spear the fish and wade through water
Eagles feet and beak help them capture and grasp prey
why would butterflies have spots that look like eyes to scare away predators
Xy to the ____ Pho to the ______ sky floor
Why to birds have hollow bones so they can fly more efficiently
Created by: Bmoney