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U.S. History Unit 2

The American Revolution and Constitution

In what war did Britain accumulate massive debt by defeating the French and their Native American allies and gaining last west of the Appalachian Mountains. French and Indian War
What treaty ended the French and Indian War? Treaty of Paris of 1763
It restricted the colonists from settling the land west of the Appalachian Mountains. Proclamation of 1763
To raise money to reduce their debt, Great Britain issued this law that required a tax on every document in the colonies. Stamp Act
Following the Boston Tea Party, they were imposed on the colonists as punishment. - Boston Harbor was closed, Massachusetts was placed under direct British control and the Quartering Act was renewed. Intolerable Acts
They were organized by angry colonists to protest against British restrictions. Their actions sometimes turned violent. Sons and Daughters of Liberty
It was created to aid communication between the colonies who were outraged by Britain's excessive taxation. Committees of Correspondence
His book "Common Sense" helped persuade many colonists to join the cause of revolution. Thomas Paine
It was the document that explained to the world the reasons behind America's desire for independence. Declaration of Independence
He was asked to explain the ideology behind America's desire for independence and was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson
They were appointed by the Continental Congress to explain the rationale for America's independence. Committee of Five
During the Revolution, he helped negotiate an alliance with the French who were instrumental to America's victory against the British. Benjamin Franklin
After the Revolution, he helped gain recognition for America in Europe and even secured a loan from the Dutch government. John Adams
The Continental Congress appointed him to be the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. He had to turn recruits into an organized army. George Washington
He was a militaristic German who helped drill Washington's Continental Army at Valley Forge. Baron von Steuben
He was a French nobleman who helped Washington during the war and also worked to secure French support for the war effort. Marquis de LaFayette
It was the during the winter of 1777-1778 that the Continental Army was stationed here. It was then that Washington trained his army. Valley Forge
It was at this December 1776 battle that Washington conducted his famous Crossing of the Delaware to attack Hessian soldiers in New Jersey. Battle of Trenton
It was this October 1777 colonial victory that showed the French that America's victory over the British was possible. They joined the colonial effort soon after. Battle of Saratoga
In October 1781, General Cornwallis officially surrendered to General Washington after this battle, concluding the war. Battle of Yorktown
It ended the American Revolution and gave America control of the land east of the Mississippi River. Treaty of Paris of 1783
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