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Unit 1B UAS Cert

Second half of vocabulary terms for UNit 1

IACRA (Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application the web-based certification/rating application that guides the user through the FAA's airman application process. IACRA helps ensure applicants meet regulatory and policy requirements through the use of extensive data validation. It also uses electronic s
Know before you Fly an educational campaign/website/app that provides prospective users with the information and guidance they need to fly safely and responsibly. It was founded by the two leading organizations with a stake in UAS safety – the Association for Unmanned Vehicl
Knowledge Testing Center an FAA approved location authorized to test applicants for a variety of pilot certifications.
latitude is a geographic coordinate that specifies the north–south position of a point on the Earth's surface. Latitude is an angle which ranges from 0° at the Equator to 90° (North or South) at the poles.
Longitude Longitude is a geographic coordinate that specifies the east-west position of a point on the Earth's surface. It is an angular measurement, usually expressed in degrees.
modal Modal refers to one of several stand-alone units (modes) as part of a larger organization.
National Airspace System (NAS) the airspace, navigation facilities and airports of the United States along with their associated information, services, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, personnel and equipment. It includes components shared jointly with the military.
National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) an independent U.S. Federal Government Agency charged with determining the probable cause of transportation accidents and promoting transportation safety, and assisting victims of transportation accidents and their families.
recreational use refers to flying for enjoyment or as a hobby without receiving compensation in any form.
Remote Pilot Certificate an FAA licensing designation outlined in 14 CFR Part 107 ensuring the applicant possesses knowledge as well as the ability to manage the risks of flight in order to act as a Remote Pilot-in-Command (PIC).
Section 333 Exemption grants the Secretary of Transportation the authority to determine whether an airworthiness certificate is required for a business use of an UAS to operate safely in the National Airspace System (NAS). It has been repalces mostly by Part 107 Cert.
statutory authority A statutory authority is a body set up by law which is authorized to enact legislation on behalf of the relevant country or state.
terrestrial things related to land or the planet Earth.
visual line-of-sight (VLOS) refers to the pilot’s ability to see an aircraft from the ground well enough to control it, without the use of artificial visual aids (aside from glasses).
Waiver The FAA will issue __________to certain requirements of Part 107 if an applicant demonstrates they can fly safely under the Waiver without endangering people or property on the ground or in the air.
Created by: MrMaynardMarty
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