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5th SS Unit 6


Dictator of Germany and responsible for Holocaust Adolf Hitler (AXIS)
Prime Minister of Great Britain; vowed never to surrender Winston Churchill (ALLIES)
The President of the US at the END of the war who made decision to drop atomic bombs on Japan, Harry S. Truman (ALLIES)
Inspired thousands of women to join the war effort by helping fill in for the men fighting the war Rosie the Riveter
The dictator of Italy who helped Hitler try to take over Europe and N. Africa Benito Mussolini (AXIS)
Dictator of the Soviet Union who helped defeat Hitler Joseph Stalin (ALLIES)
Fought bravely against Nazis as pilots for the US while still fighting for equal rights in the US Tuskegee Airmen
Emperor of Japan who surrendered after 2 atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Hirohito (AXIS)
U.S. President who declared war on Japan in 1941 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor Franklin D. Roosevelt (ALLIES)
The event that caused the US to enter WWII Pearl Harbor, Japanese bombing of US naval base in Hawaii
Giving up something so you can get something else that you need more. ( Americans rationing so soldiers could have as much as possible) Opportunity Costs
The event that resulted in V-J Day (Victory in Japan) Atomic bombs dropped on Japan causing them to surrender
Organization created to help keep peace in the world and keep another world war happening United Nations
Germany's plan to kill thousands of people they considered inferior to their "pure race" Millions of Jewish people brutally murdered The Holocaust
Think about it... What if the AXIS powers had worked together during the Depression instead of seizing power and taking away their citizens rights. How would history have changed? 1. They could have helped rebuild each other's economies 2. Created other trade opportunities 3.Developed a "New Deal" Program for themselves 4. Asked other countries for help 5. WWII might not have happened if they had done these things
Created by: tmixon13



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