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Chapter 8

King George lll King George lll was the king of Britain, he approved of the Stamp Act.
Samuel Adams Samuel Adams was a Son of Liberty. His friend said "he eats little, drinks little, sleeps little, thinks much."
Patrick Henry Patrick Henry spoke out against the Stamp Act. He warned King George lll that Britain had no right to tax the colonists, and he wrote a strong speech to the House of Burgesses.
Parliament The Parliament was the law-making system of Britain.
Stamp Act The Stamp Act was a law that forced colonists to buy a stamp everytime they buy something printed as proof of purchase, this would help Britain's debt.
Repeal To cancel.
Sons of Liberty The Sons of liberty were a group of people including Samuel Adams who opposed the idea of taxing the colonists, they went out of their way to scare the tax agents during the Stamp Act, and because of this the Stamp Act was repealed.
Townshend Acts The Townshend Acts were laws that put an extra price on imported goods, which then raised money for Britain.
Tariff A tariff is another word for a tax on imported goods.
Boycott A boycott is when people protest against something by not using or buying it.
Daughters of Liberty The Daughters of Liberty were a group of women that made substituted materials from what the colonists refused to buy from Britain.
Boston Massacre The Boston Massacre occurred on March 5, 1770. When angry colonists surrounded Hugh White and his fellow soldiers, they panicked and fired into the crowd killing 5 people. A massacre is the killing of many people who cannot defend themselves.
Committees of Correspondence The Committees of Correspondence were groups all over the colonies that wrote to each other about local events.
Crispus Attackus Crispus Attackus was one of the victims. He was born into slavery and began working as a sailor after he escaped slavery.
John Adams John Adams was a lawyer who helped the British soldiers in court after the Boston Massacre, even though he opposed British laws. He was the cousin of Samuel Adams.
Boston Tea Party The Boston Tea Party was when the colonists dressed up as Mohawks, and threw British tea into the harbor.
Intolerable Acts The Intolerable Acts were when Britain punished the colonists by creating a set of laws after the Boston Tea Party.
Patriot A Patriot was someone who opposed British laws.
Loyalist A Loyalist was someone who believed that King George was doing the right thing.
First Continental Congress The First Continental Congress was a place in Philadelphia.
Militia A militia is a volunteer army.
Minuteman Some militia groups called themselves minutemen because they would be ready to fight in a minute.
John Hancock John Hancock was an important patriot leader in Boston. The British wanted to capture him.
Lexington Lexington is a place in Massachusetts, where militias were stationed. There was a short battle there with the British against the Patriots. The British won this battle.
Concord Concord is a place in Massachusetts, British soldiers were on they're way there to seize and destroy the weapons that the Patriots were keeping there.
Battle of Bunker Hill The Battle of Bunker Hill occured on June 16, the Patriots won this battle. William Prescott led this battle. The Patriots built a fort overnight and the British captured it but lost many men.
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