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Early Americans

Social 11 Klabunde Early Americans

Inca economics were similar to... ...socialism
Why did the Aztec practice human sacrifices? to postpone the day of destruction
Why did the Mayans practice bloodletting? They believed it appeased the gods. Cenote: offering pit
All but four of the Mayan codices were lost to the... ...spanish.
Mesa Verde Anasazi formed a large community here; cliff dwellings
Quipu recordkeeping using a system of knotted string; used by the Inca, who lacked a writing system
Quechua conquered the Inca
What were the Hopewell Mississippian people known for? earth mounds
Mesoamerica areas of Mexico and Central America that were civilized before the Spaniards arrived
Bering Land Bridge way of travel between Asia and North America
Montezuma Aztec monarch who initially welcomed the Spaniards (Cortes was the Spaniard who conquered the aztecs)
Quetzalcoatl pale-skinned god
Chinompas floating gardens of the Aztecs
Mayan civilization composed of city states, each governed by heredetary ruling class. disappeared around 900ad. Used solar calendars to measure time
Tenochtitlan Aztec capital Spanish force arrived, commanded by Hernan Cortez
Machu Picchu city built by the Inca Capital of the Inca Empire was CUZCO
Xibalba Mayan underworld
Why were the Anasazi driven from their home? a 50 year series of drought
Nazca Lines giant geoglyphs located in the Nazca desert
Cahokia largest city in North America during the Mississippian period
Olmec carved stone heads that weighed from 4-40 tons
Anasazi may have participated in cannibalism
Franscisco Pizarro conquered the Inca capital; also imprisoned Atahualpa, put him on trial, and executed him.
Kiva In ground ceremonial area created by the Anasazi
ayllu extended family group that formed the Incan social system
mita a form of tribute in which all able citizens were required to work for the state for a certain number of days or years.
chasquis A system of runners who serve as a type of postal service
STUDY HINT: what were the agricultural methods used by the Maya, Aztec, and Inca? STUDY HINT: know where the different civilizations are located on a map. Anasazi, Mississipian, Aztec, Moche, Inca, Maya
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