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CH 14 Notecards

Surgical Procedures CH 14 Notecards (General Surgery)- Pierce

Procedure that removes breast tissue, including the skin, areola, and nipple, lymph nodes are NOT removed. This is known as: Simple Mastectomy
Herniated tissue that is trapped outside its normal location by a defect in the abdominal wall, which requires emergency surgery to prevent necrosis: Incarcerated Hernia
Herniated-entrapped viscera typically loops of small intestines, will result in intestinal obstruction with resulting pain, vomiting, and distention. What is the appropriate description diagnosis of this condition? Incarcerated Hernia that may lead to strangulation
What are triad of boundaries of Hesselbach's triangle? Inguinal ligament Rectus Abdominus Muscle Deep epigastric Vessels
An excision of tissue surrounding a draining sinus tract in the area around the anus to expose healthy tissue is: Anal Fistula
Term used to describe an incision or area of the abdominal wall that follows the oblique slope of the 10th costal cartilage literally "under the rib" Subcostal (Kocher)
What is the term for the procedure of wide excision of a malignant mass of breast tissue. Also known as segmental biopsy or tylectomy? Lumpectomy
What is the stoma of the large intestine? Colostomy
Removal of the right lobe of the liver and a portion of the left is known as what procedure? Trisegmentectomy
The breast tissue, associated skin, nipple, areola, axillary lymph nodes and pectoral muscles are removed: Radical Mastectomy
A surgery performed to reduce the release of gastric juices by severing the nerves that control their release is: Vagotomy
A procedure in which the abdominal cavity is surgically opened is termed? Laparotomy
What term is used to surgically divide or cut into sections? Transect
A surgical anastomosis of the stomach and the duodenum is known as: Gastroduodenostomy (Billroth 1)
When the lower esophagus and the upper stomach or fundus are resected this is termed: Esophagogastrectomy
Entire breast is removed, including the skin, areola, nipple, and most axillary lymph nodes; the pectoralis major and minor muscles are spared. Modified Radical Mastectomy
When a diseased portion of the stomach is removed, it is known as what? Gastrectomy
The term used for the surgical removal of a small, sometimes pie-shaped portion of the liver: Wedge Resection
What term is used to describe tissue that is fragile and easily torn, and may bleed profusely? Friable
What is a small intestine stoma called? Ileostomy
What is the name for the serous membrane lining the walls of the abdominal cavity? Abdominal Peritoneum
What layer of tissue contains fat cells? Adipose Tissue
Identify the triad of anatomic sites of abdominal wall weakens with a potential for hernias: Inguinal Canal Femoral Rings Umbilicus
While direct and indirect hernias both protrude into the inguinal canal and represents tears in the transversals fascia , which one of the two occurs within Hesselbach's triangle? Direct Inguinal Hernia
Name the right and/or left incision used for inguinal hernia repair; that gives excellent exposure of both direct and indirect hernias: Inguinal/Oblique
A transverse incision of the lower abdomen below the umbilicus and just above the pelvis in a natural crease or fold (used almost exclusively for GYN surgery) Pfannestiel Suprapubic Lower Transverse
What composes the lining of a herniated abdominal sac? Peritoneum
What is the oblique right muscle splitting incision used for exploration and removal of the appendix? McBurney Incision
Which surgery is performed to restore strength to the inguinal floor and prevent abdominal tissue from extending into the inguinal canal by open repair? Direct Inguinal Hernia
Herniated tissue that is strangulated and has a compromised or absent blood supply is known as: *this is a surgical emergency Strangulated Hernia
What is a horizontal incision in the midline of the body called? Transverse incision
What is a surgical opening of the duodenum leading to the outside of the body via a tube or from another hollow anatomical structure such as the stomach? Duodenostomy
What is the term used for a surgical procedure in which two hollow organs are joined together? Anastomosis
What is a surgical removal of an organ known as: Resection
A gastrojejunostomy or surgical anastomosis of the stomach and the jejunum is: Billroth 2 procedure
What is an incision of the vertical abdominal wall lateral to the midline? Paramedian Incision
Created by: lmlayton
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