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Imperialism Quiz

What is imperialism? Building Empires by imposing political and economic control over peoples around the world.
What factors influenced the U.S. to "look outward"? Opening Japan for trade, purchasing Alaska, Hawaii, economic growth
How and when was Alaska acquired by the U.S. Russia told the U.S. that they wanted to see Alaska in 1867
How and when was Hawaii acquired by the U.S. Missionaries came hoping to convert Hawaiians to Christianity in 1820. It was annexed(added) in 1898
How and when was Samoa acquired by the U.S. It was annexed in 1889
How and when was Midway Island acquired by the U.S. U.S. annexes part of the in 1867 thus contributing to an overseas colonial empire
How and when was Puerto Rico & Guam acquired by the U.S. Spain gave these two countries as a result of the Spanish American War
How and when was the Philippines acquired by the U.S. U.S. paid $20,000 to Spain for this Country
What was the "Open Door Policy" with China? U.S. Secretary of State John Hay wanted them to guarantee the rights of all nations to trade with China on a equal basis
How did "Yellow Journalism" impact the outbreak of the Spanish-American War? False and exaggerated stories published by American Newspapers
Why was the Spanish-American War called a "splendid little war"? Because is was quick and America gained power
How did building and controlling the Panama Canal impact the power of the United States as a nation? It expanded their power over Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Caribbean, but also the Philippines, so the US is becoming a Pacific power,...
What was the Roosevelt Corollary(to the Monroe Doctrine)? Reinforces it by claiming the right to use force to prevent intervention in Latin America
How did the Roosevelt Corollary concide (go along with) Roosevelt's "Big Stick Policy" (Speak softly and carry a big stick) towards Latin America The US set itself up as an international policeman in its sphere. The goal was to keep the South American countries (in particular) solvent and under control so that no other power had an excuse to interfere.
Harsh treatment of Cubans by Spanish ruler was a cause of what war. Spanish-American War
The Spanish-American War caused American investors to? Lose profitable agricultural trade (sugar cane, tobacco)
Why did European countries and the United States as well want a canal to be built through Central America? Businessmen wanted to ship goods quickly and cheaply between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts
Why did other attempts to build the Panama Canal fail? French went bankrupt, malaria, yellow fever
What was Teddy Roosevelt's reaction to Columbia's refusal of the Panama Canal? Dispatching U.S. warships to Panama City
The book "The Importance of Sea Power" by Alfred Thayer Mahan encourages... American to "look outward" for naval bases, markets, and raw materials. "Nations with Sea Power dominate the world"
What pushed America towards Imperialism The economic desire to extend national economic or political power over other areas
What is a benefit of the Panama Canal for the U.S. Easier, faster naval mobility between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
What did the U.S. do as a means to building the Panama Canal? President of the U.S. who had the Panama Canal built acquired land to build the canal by helping Panama gain independence.
Why was the U.S. interested in Hawaii? The U.S. was interested in Hawaii because they had natural sugar and the U.S. wanted to make plantations off of that sugar that was in Hawaii.
3 causes of the Spanish-American War The U.S.S. Maine explodes, Reconcentration camps, the distrustion of in Cuba.
Why the U.S. invaded Cuba becuase of the attack on the U.S.S. Maine. the reconcentration camps, and because other countries were takeing over countries and they felt that they couldnt govern themselves so the U.S. can govern them for them.
Countries that came under U.S. control after the war Guam, The Philippines, Purto Rico, and Cuba
What was the Open-Door policy and how did it allow foregin powers on Cuba? The Open-Door polocy allowed everyone to trade with China
The treaty of Paris Ended the Spanish -American war. It also explained what we were going to do with the new countries we gained after the war.
Roosevelt Corollary Roosevelt asserted that European nations should not intervene in countries to the south of the US, however under certain conditions; U.S intervention might be justified
What were the effects of the United States annexing lands obtained after the Spanish American War? Philippine-American War -Construction of Panama Canal -U.S Emerging as a rising Global Power
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