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Chapter 24

1. What conditions in Europe and Asia during the 20s & 30s contributed to the rise of antidemocratic governments (dictators) the treaty of versatile & economic depression
3. Identify Benito Mussolini former schoolmaster and journalist returned from WWI who founded Italy's Fascist Party, Fascism in 1919. Was fascist, was for military expansion. Believed in private property with strong government controls, he was also anti-communist
4. What are the characteristics of Fascism (Beliefs/Ideology) aggressive nationalism; believed that the nation was more important than the individual; argued that individualism made countries weak and that a strong government led by a dictator was needed to impose order on society; believed a nat
5. What was Mussolini’s title II Duce
7. Identify Joseph Stalin ruler of the Soviet Union by 1926
8. Identify Adolf Hitler dictator of Germany; leader of German party, the Nazi Party
9. What were the characteristics of the Nazi Party (Beliefs/ideology) The party did not represent the working class, as its name suggested, but was nationalistic and anti communist and racist.
10. Identify “Mein Kampf” hitler's autobiography
11. Define “Aryan” a master race of Germans with blonde hair and blue eyes
12. Why did many Germans support Hitler and the Nazi party they believed that if they helped Hitler become leader of Germany legally, they could control him
13. Define Fuhrer ¨leader¨
15. What part of the world did many Japanese militarists believe they were destined to dominate East Asia
16. Why did Japan invade Manchuria, a province in northern China Japanese military leaders and the civilians who supported them argued that the only way for japan to get needed resources was to seize territory There were tariffs on japanese goods they needed resources needed resources
17. Define Isolationism The belief that the United states should avoid international commitments that might drag the nation into another war
18. What did the Nye Committee report about American involvement in World War I The huge profits that arms factories had made during the war
19. Define the Neutrality Act of 1935 This act made it illegal for Americans to sell arms to any country during war
20. Identify Francisco Franco Led the rebellion against Republicans, Socialists, and Communists
21. Define Axis Powers Three companies that exchange information about communist groups (Germany, Italy, Japan)
25. Define Anschluss and what was the first area that Hitler “unified” unification, austria and germany
26. Define appeasement giving concessions in exchange for peace
27. At the Munich Conference (1938), Czechoslovakia’s leaders were informed by the British and the French that they must do what that they must give up the Sudetenland or fight Germany on its own
28. Explain why Hitler was able to take over both Austria and Czechoslovakia. Other European countries engaged in policy of appeasement so they provided no assistance to these countries; correct- Britain and France gave into Hitler's demands
29. What demands did Hitler make on Poland demanded that Poland be conquered in six weeks; wants a seaport return of danzi
30. What did these demands convince the British and French of estimated that Poland would be able to defend itself for two to three months, while Poland estimated it could do so for at least six months.
31. Why was Hitler interested in negotiating the non aggression pact with the USSR before invading Poland Earlier, Hitler's foreign policy worked to weaken ties between Poland and France, and attempted to manoeuvre Poland into the Anti-Comintern Pact, forming a cooperative front against the Soviet Union.
32. Define blitzkrieg. Lightning war
34. What was the Maginot Line A line of concrete bunkers and fortifications
35. After being trapped by the Germans in Belgium, what was the only port remaining open for Britain and France to use to evacuate their troops Dunkirk
36. Why is this evacuation called a “Miracle” How many troops were saved
37. What was left behind after the evacuation All of the British army equipment
38. Who was Winston Churchill Leader of Britain who had replaced Neville Chamberlain as Prime Minister
40. Why were the British able to prevent the Germans from invading their country They had a radar that could detect the Germans
41. Define Holocaust antisemitism action towards jews
42. Define the Nuremberg Laws (1935)- took citizenship away from Jewish Germans and banned marriage between Jews and other Germans
43. Define Kristallnacht. Anti-Jewish violence that erupted in Germany and Austria. Known as the “night of broken glass”
44. Define Gestapo. secret police
45. What factors limited Jewish immigration to the United States the fact that they could not take the wealth with them.
46. What did the Nazis discuss at the Wannsee Conference to exterminate all Jews
47. Define concentration camps. a place where people were persecuted for slave labor
48. Define extermination camps. camps to kill large amounts of people; supplied cremation centers.
49. What was Auschwitz Auschwitz concentration camp was a complex of 48 concentration and extermination camps built and operated by Nazi German
52. What were the provisions of the 1939 Neutrality Act Cash and carry the weapons on own ship
53. How did Roosevelt manage to give Churchill the destroyers (ships) he requested Roosevelt used a loophole in the provision of the Neutrality Act that required cash for purchases.
54. What did Churchill give Roosevelt instead of cash for the destroyers exchange
56. What were the “Four Freedoms” for which both the United States and Britain stood Freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from fear, and freedom of want
57. What was the Lend-Lease Act America lends Britain weapons and expect pay after the war
58. FDR and Churchill met in 1941 near Newfoundland to discuss the Atlantic Charter. What did the Charter commit the two nations to do Post war accommodations
59. What was the “Reuben James” One of the naval destroyers destroyed by a german submarine and 115 sailors died
60. Why were the Japanese furious with the American Export Control Act US withheld resources
61. Why did the Japanese decide to attack the American fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Couldn't risk leaving US navy in pacific to oppose their plans
62. Why was the U.S. unprepared for Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor U.S. officials were anticipating hostilities with Japan—but they did not know when or where they might occur. On a Sunday. DId not they could travel that distance to attack. Failure to collect information.
63. What were some of the results of Japan’s surprise attack on December 7, 1941 Over 2,400 Americans died. Mostly military. US declares war. 21 ships damaged including the Arizona where 1,100 died.
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