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Chapter 27

World War II and Its Aftermath

Axis Powers the alliance of Germany, Italy and Japan during WW II
Appeasement making others content
Front the place where armies fight
Blitzkrieg the quick and forceful method of attack that Germany used in WW II
Arsenal a place where weapons are kept
Destroyer a small, fast warship that uses guns to protect ships from submarines
Resistance groups of people who used hit and run tactics to fight the Nazis
Guerilla Warfare a kind of fighting that involves small tactics to fight the Nazis
D-Day the Allied invasion of France in 1944
Kamikaze a Japanese pilot who crashed his plane into an enemy plane
V-E Day the day the Allies completed their victory in Europe: May 8, 1945
V-J Day the day the Allies completed their victory in Japan: September 2, 1945
Holocaust Hitler's killing of many of the Jews in Europe
Ghetto the parts of the cities where Jewish people had to live during WW II
Genocide the mass murder of a group of people
Concentration camp a prison death camp
Refugee a person who is forced to flee from his or her country
Superpower a nation that has more power and money than other countries
Satellite a nation that is tightly controlled by another nation
United Nations the international organization that works to settle disagreements
Charter a constitution, a set of statements that explains a group's purpose
Trust territory a territory that the Allies took from the countries that lost WW I and WW II
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