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History Test

Chapter 3 Test

1. _____________was part of British West Florida at the time of the American Revolution. Mobile
2. At the end of the American Revolution , ______________ controlled the Florida Territory and the land west of Alabama. Spain
3. Spain built a town on the ________________and named it ___________________ Tombigbee River / St. Stephens
4. __________________ sent ______________ to Georgia to serve as an _________________, in 1796. President Washington / Benjamin Hawkins / Indian agent
5. Large farms were operated with slave labor by ________________ and his family. Alexander McGivillivary
6. The 1795 _________________ between Spain and United States established the border with Florida at the __________________ Pinckney Treaty / 31st Parallel
7. ___________________ marks part of the boundary between Alabama and Florida. Ellicot Line
8. The road used by horsemen to deliver the mail from Georgia became known as the __________________. Federal Road
9. The three European powers that had been at war continually since the early 1760s were ___________ , ________________ , and ______________________ . England, France, Spain.
10. Creek chief McGillivray was fluent in ___________ , ________________ ,_______________ , ______________ , and _______________ . English, French, Spain, Latin, and Creek.
11. 1,000 warriors worked to build log and brush ________________ at a narrow spot on the river called Tohopeka, or Horseshoe Bend. fortifications
12. The Indians who remained after the battle of Horseshoe Bend suffered from hunger and ____________________ exposure
13. Alabama Indians ___________________ more land to the United States. ceded
14. White traders were __________________, or dishonest in their dealing with the Indians. unscrupulous
15. In what year did the Creek War occur? 1813-1814
16. Who was Tecumseh? A Shawnee chief and great orator.
17. How did the settlers get to Alabama? They walked, rode in wagons, or took a keelboat from Mobile.
18. Where did the settlers come from? Most came from other southern states. A few came from the north or foreign countries.
19. What type of jobs did the new settlers have? Most of them were farmers, but some were craftsmen, merchants, doctors, or lawyers.
1. vocabulary Words People who by and sell goods Merchants
2. A meeting to discuss and write or revise a constitution Constitutional Convention
3. The branch of government responsible for making laws Legislative
4. People who leave one country to live in another emigrants
5. A unit of local government township
6. In frontier Alabama, a place where on could stop for a meal or lodging while traveling stands
7. Act that allowed Alabama to become a state. Enabling Act
8. Objects that remind one of a place, person or time. mementos
9. A boat steered with long poles Keelboat
10. A stream of water coming out of the ground Spring
11. Skilled artisans craftsmen
12. Empty vacant
13. Made of formal request petitioned
14. People who occupy land or a building without the owner's permission. squatters
15. Division of land marked by surveyors Sections
16. Branch of government responsible for carrying out plans, laws, and official policies. Executive
17. Laws and principles that form the basis of a country's organization. Constitution
18. People who measure the land surveyors
19. A house and its land and buildings Homesteads
20. Having to do with the law and courts judicial
21. Very small figures, paintings, or portraits miniatures
Created by: Jmcclintin
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