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civilwar an recon.

civil war war between the people of one country
confederacy south during the civil war
union north during the civil war
conscription required enrollment in military service
deserter someone who leaves the armed forces permission
sectionalism dividing of a country or state by beliefs and lifestyles
states rights belief power should go to the states
secession to break away from a group
subjugation very harsh control,oppression
white supremacy the belief that white people are superior to other races
ironclad ship warship covered in iron
emancipate to free someone
Total War Destroying civilian and economic resources of your enemy
Anaconda Plan union plan to surround south and cut them off from resources
Cotton Diplomacy Britain would support the south because it needed their cotton
Disenfranchise To take away someone’s right to vote
Literacy Test Reading test before you are allowed to vote
Poll Tax Fee you have to pay before you can vote
Grandfather Clause allowing the right to vote only if their grandfather could vote
Sharecropping tenant farms land in exchange for part of the profit.
Reconstruction Rebuilding of the south after the civil war
Republican supported rights of A.A.s and strong national govt.
Scalawags white southerners who helped blacks got this nickname
Carpetbaggers Northerners who came to the south to help with reconstruction
Amendment change to the constitution



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