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Westward Expansion

Frontier Edge of civilization; in middle of the wilderness.
Treaty Agreement with another country.
Expedition A journey with a specific goal or purpose.
Acquisition An act of taking possession/something.
Territory Land controlled by a group of people or country.
Predestined God's will/plan or what God wants.
Manifest Destiny The belief that it was the destiny of the U.S. to acquire all western territory and expand from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean.
Louisiana Purchase A treaty signed in 1803 with France that allowed the U.S. to lay claim to lands west of the Mississippi River. It doubled the size of the U.S.
Relocate Forced to move or forced to leave an area.
Lewis and Clark Two men hired by Pres. Jefferson to map the Louisiana Territory and find the shortest route to the Pacific Ocean.
Sacajawea Native American woman who helped Lewis and Clark by isung her translating skills.
Wilderness another word for frontier.
Pacific Ocean Huge body of water that Lewis and Clark were instructed to find.
Created by: F. Mercado