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European Explorers

Social Studies

Who did Christopher Columbus sail for? Spain
Where did Juan Ponce de Leon sail from? Spain
Who did Vasco Nunez de Balboa sail for? Spain
Where did Hernando de Soto sail from? Spain
Who did Jacques Cartier sail for? France
Where did John Cabot sail from? England
Who did Henry Hudson sail for? England / The Netherlands
What obstacle did Henry Hudson face on his exploration? His crew rebelled (mutinied) in the cold climate.
What does mutinied mean? refuse to obey the orders of a person in charge
Which explorer sailed for Queen Isabella and King Ferninand? Christopher Columbus
Which explorer claimed what is now Florida? Juan Ponce de Leon
Which explorer looked for the "fountain of youth"? Juan Ponce de Leon
Who was the first to see the Pacific Ocean from Panama? Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Which explorer discovered the Mississippi River? Hernando de Soto
Who explored what became the St. Lawrence River in Canada? Jacques Cartier
Which explorer helped France get rich with fur trade? Jacques Cartier
Which explorer sailed to what became Canada and found rich fishing area? John Cabot
Which explorer sailed up what is now the Hudson River in New York? Henry Hudson
Which explorer claimed what is now Hudson Bay in Canada? Henry Hudson
What 3 southeastern states did Hernando de Soto explore? Alabama Georgia Florida
Why were American Indians considered an obstacle for some of the European Explorers? American Indians were upset that the explorers were trying to take their land, so they often fought them.
Where did Columbus land when he thought he was in Asia? Caribbean / San Salvador
What were 2 reason people explored? People explored to find new land and passages, find gold or other resources, and to spread religion.
How were American Indians and explorers able to work together? They shared resources, trading goods, and teaching each other how to communicate.
Name 5 obstacles that European Explorers faced: No maps uncharted waters frightened crew death fought with American Indians
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