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Explorers & Missions

Explorers & Missions Vocabulary

adobe clay deposited rivers, used in the production of bricks.
colony a country or area under control of another country; a group of people living there.
conquistadors Spanish conquerors ot the Americas in the sixteenth century.
empires groups of nations ruled by a single authority.
expedition a trip made for a specific purpose, especially to explore.
merchants people who buy and sell goods for profit.
migrate move from one location to another.
missionary a person who shares their religious faith with others, usaully in other countries.
pueblos American Indian apartment-like dwelling usually several stories high.
strait a narrow water way connecting two larger bodies of water.
voyage a long journey by air, land, or sea.
Western Hemisphere the part of the world that includes the continents North and South America.
alliances associations of group agree to cooperate for common goals.
archaeologists scientists who study acient people and cultures.
captive a person held agianst his or her will; a prisoner.
deserted left without premission.
foraged searched for food.
hostile very unfriendly.
outpost a settlement on a frontier or in a faraway place.
remote far from civiliztion or populated areas.
seminary a school for the trainig of the priests.
trading post a store in a remote location where traders barter, or trade, for supplies.
trinkets small items of little vuale.
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