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Ch. 13 LA History

Ch. 13 Louisiana History

1. Forbidding by law the making and selling of alcoholic beverages Prohibition
2. An independent state agency that regulates Louisiana’s public utilities and motor carriers; formerly called the Railroad Commission Public Service Commission
3. A devastating flood on the Mississippi River that was one of the worst natural disasters in the nation’s history Flood of 1927
4. A certificate promising payment of money, with interest, by a certain date, which is issued by a government or corporation as evidence of debt Bond
5. Huey Long’s system whereby state employees had to contribute 10 percent of their salary to support his political organization; funds were often mingles with campaign and personal funds Deduct box
6. Something that has been done and cannot be changed Fait accompli
7. Different from what is usually done or accepted Unorthodox
8. To take something dishonestly, for one’s own use Misappropriate
9. The severe economic downturn that began with the stock market crash of 1929 and continued into the 1940s Great Depression
10. Huey Long’s proposal that all Americans should have a home, enough food, and security in their old age; it would be financed through higher taxes on the nation’s wealthiest citizens Share our Wealth program
11. Support from ordinary people; support from the ground up Grassroots support
12. Which type of tax is placed on the removal of natural resources from the land? severance
13. What was Huey Long’s ultimate goal? Becoming President of the U.S.
14. How did Rose McConnell become a United States Senator? She was appointed, and later elected, to finish Huey Long’s term after his death.
15. Which explains how the people of Louisiana reacted to the passage of prohibition legislation? The population of South Louisiana disagreed with, and ignored, the new legislation.
16. How did the marsh region facilitate smuggling during prohibition? The complex, changing coastline helped smugglers avoid law enforcement.
17. How did the introduction severance tax affect Louisiana’s economy? Money that would have profited businesses in other states was redirected to Louisiana.
18. Which demographic did Huey Long support as a lawyer? common people
19. What was Huey Long’s first political position? Public Service Commission Chairman
20. Based on the passage, how would Huey Long’s early political interests be described? ("As a young attorney...") champion for the common people
21. Which demographic did Huey Long target as his voting base in the election of 1923? small towns and rural farmers
22. Which factor contributed to the damage caused by the Mississippi River flood of 1927? “levees-only” flood control policy
23. Which areas were affected by the Flood of 1927? 7 states along the river, from Illinois to the Gulf of Mexico
24. Which caption best explains the 1927 photograph of Caernarvon Levee Dynamite? The Citizens Flood Relief Committee used dynamite to destroy levees south of New Orleans to protect the city from flooding.
25. How is the Flood of 1927 related to Huey Long’s success in the 1928 gubernatorial election? Many devastated by the flood were drawn to Long’s populist message.
26. How did Huey Long increase his appeal with those living in cities? He promised to improve the cities’ infrastructures.
27. Which event would BEST fill the empty bubble on the graphic organizer? personally profited from road paving program
28. Which conclusion can be drawn from the web? Long used the power of his office for personal gain and to manipulate the system.
29. How did Long fund road construction and paving programs? Bonds
30. Which explains how Long profited personally from his road building program? He allowed companies he was part of to sell materials to the state at an inflated rate.
31. Who was required to contribute to Long’s deduct box? State employees
32. How does current campaign contribution legislation differ from that of the “Long Era”? Current legislation requires politicians to keep detailed public records of all campaign contributions and spending.
33. As governor, how did Long maintain legislative control? Manipulating jobs and ignoring procedures (Patronage & bribery)
34. How did Long get a new Governor’s mansion when the existing mansion only needed repairs? Long had prisoners tear it down, so that they had no choice but to rebuild.
35. Why was the Louisiana Governor’s mansion built to look like the White House? Long wanted to be comfortable with the layout before he became President.
36. What LSU fight song did Long co-write? "Touchdown for LSU"
37. How did Huey Long avoid impeachment? He secured votes by offering desirable government jobs.
38. Which explains why the power of patronage was so effective for Huey Long? During the Great Depression, he had the ability to employee thousands of people willing to work at any cost.
39. Which explains why Long waited fourteen months to claim his Senate seat in Washington D.C.? He wanted to ensure that he would maintain power in Louisiana while in D.C.
40. Which conclusion can be drawn from the two texts about Huey Long's nickname "The kingfish"? Long knowingly controlled Louisiana with manipulative tactics.
41. How did Long’s behavior in Washington D.C. differ from other freshman senators? He openly promoted his own agenda and worked around those who blocked his ambitions.
42. Why did Long help Hattie Caraway run for a seat in the Senate? He wanted to demonstrate his political power and connections.
43. How was The Depression related to Long’s popularity? As poverty levels increased, Long's popularity and appeal grew.
44. What is shown in picture of the bridge? Louisiana’s first bridge spanning the Mississippi River.
45. How did Long continue to actively control politics in Louisiana while serving as its senator in Washington D.C.? He returned regularly to oversee legislative sessions.
46. Which fact supports the idea that Huey Long was more of a dictator than an elected official? While he was serving as a U.S. senator, he continued to control the decisions and actions of Louisiana’s government.
47. Why was Huey Long shot? He intended to remove judge Benjamin Peavy from office
48. Who has been credited with Long’s assassination? Carl Austin Weiss
49. Which evidence supports the idea that Weiss may not have shot Long? Photos of Weiss taken after the event show no gun.
50. Which best describes Long’s impact on Louisiana government? Long transformed Louisiana’s government in ways that favored the state’s common people.
51. Based on Source, which statement best explains how Louisiana parishes reacted to the temperance movement? Citizens came together in many parishes to ban the sale of alcohol.
Which statement best explains how Huey Long influenced politics in Louisiana? His plans to help the working class weakened the power of the wealthy elites.
53. Which of Louisiana’s geographic regions would be the least affected by the flood of 1927? hills
54. Which of Huey Long’s programs are described in the lyrics in Source? Share Our Wealth
55. It was said that one either loved Huey Long, or hated him. According to the cartoonist in the Source, why was Huey disliked? He was viewed as a dictator
58. Based on the document, what effect did the stock market crash of 1929 have on the rate of unemployment the United States? One-fourth of the labor population was unemployed.
59. According to Roosevelt in the document, what problems did the United States face in 1933? unemployment rates were at an all-time high
60. According to the document, what effect did America’s involvement in World War II have on the economy? It led to more jobs in industry for the war effort.
56. "A cornerstone of Huey Long's programs as governor was his initiative to modernize Louisiana's dilapidated--or nonexistent--infrastructure." What does the term "infrastructure' refer to? Roads
57. Based on the information given in the chart, which 2 selections would represent Huey Long and the Great Depression? The middle class, particularly in New Orleans, sought to reshape society/govt. and reform social and political ills. LA faced a decline in agriculture, a suffering oil & natural gas industry, decreased shipping/trading, unemployment, & extreme poverty.
Created by: Esther Landry
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