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Certamen L1 - 2

Another set of level 1 certamen questions

To start us off, tell me what style of column has a capital that looks like two scrolls. IONIC
Of Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian, which style of column is the most elaborate? CORINTHIAN
What are the indentations on many columns called? FLUTING
Say in Latin, “in the forest.” IN SILVA
Now say “through the water.” PER AQUAM
Now try “for the boy.” PRO PUERO
How many Romance languages are there? FIVE
What is the name of the groups into which we divide Latin nouns? DECLENSIONS
What declension is the noun horologium? SECOND
What declension is the noun palla? FIRST
If Emeril Lagasse were an ancient Roman, in what room of the Roman house would he cook? CULINA
What is the Latin name for the country directly to the east of Portugal? HISPANIA
In the sentence “Emeril is Portuguese,” translate the verb into Latin. EST
From what Latin verb and its English meaning do we derive the word perambulator? AMBULARE MEANING TO WALK
Is “ambulare” an imperative, infinitive, or interjection? INFINITIVE
To what conjugation does “ambulare” belong? FIRST
The name of the television brand Magnavox comes from two Latin words, magna and vox. What is the meaning of the word magna? BIG, GREAT
What gender must the word vox be? FEMININE
How many singers are in a sextet? SIX
How many in an octet? EIGHT
From what Latin word and its meaning does the word dodecahedron come? DUODECIM MEANING TWELVE
Give the Latin for the province from which the Romans imported most of their tutors. GRAECIA
What is the Latin word for “teacher”? MAGISTER/TRA
What is the Latin word for “slave”? SERVUS
Which road, known as the Regina Viarum, ran the entire width of Italy? VIA APPIA /APPIAN WAY
What case is “viarum”? GENITIVE
What disability afflicted Appius Claudius Caecus, the constructor of theAppian Way? BLINDNESS
From what Latin verb and its English meaning do we derive the word “viaduct”? DUCERE MEANING TO LEAD
Say in Latin, “I lead.” DUCO
Say in Latin, “he leads.” DUCIT
What is the meaning of the Latin phrase “cogito ergo sum”? I THINK THEREFORE I AM
What does the Latin word “frater” mean? BROTHER
Try “soror.” SISTER
Now try “avus.” GRANDFATHER
What is the Latin word for “and”? ET
Translate into English, “Vacca et porca et equus in casa currunt.” THE COW AND THE PIG AND THE HORSE RUN IN THE HOUSE.
What is another Latin word for house, besides casa? DOMUS
I am god of the sun and my symbol is the lyre. APOLLO
Who is the sister of Apollo? DIANA
What is Diana’s Greek name? ARTEMIS
Which Roman Emperor was said to have fiddled while the city of Rome burned in 64 AD? NERO
How would you put 64 into Roman numerals? LXIV
How would you put 100 into Roman numerals? C
Complete the following analogy: nose is to nasus as hand is to _____. MANUS
Created by: whittlepat
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