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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Certamen Vocab Body Parts Quiz Bowl 2023-11-08 whittlepat 34 24 edit
Certamen Mythology God/Goddess Questions Quiz Bowl 2022-11-09 whittlepat 53 28 edit
Certamen Roman Life Vocabulary Quiz Bowl 2009-11-18 whittlepat 28 0 edit
Certamen History Roman History Quiz Bowl 2009-11-18 whittlepat 15 0 edit
Certamen L1 - 1 A set of level 1 Certamen questions Quiz Bowl 2009-11-18 whittlepat 24 0 edit
Certamen L1 - 2 Another set of level 1 certamen questions Quiz Bowl 2019-06-30 whittlepat 46 3 edit
CCS Latin Irr Verbs Congugations of Latin irregular verbs Latin 2009-11-18 whittlepat 14 0 edit
Certamen History Pic Pictures to help memorize dates in Roman History Quiz Bowl 2009-11-18 whittlepat 6 0 edit
Noun Questions Some questions about Latin nouns... Unfinished 2009-11-09 whittlepat 10 0 edit
Imperative Practice Practice knowing the imperative form (flash cards and target chart) Unfinished 2009-11-09 whittlepat 24 0 edit
Logic syllogisms Logic syllogism forms Unfinished 2009-11-13 whittlepat 5 0 edit
Ult Olympian Stack Ultimate Olympian Stack! Quiz Bowl 2010-03-02 whittlepat 14 0 edit
Seven Kings of Rome CCS Certamen History Unfinished 2009-11-25 whittlepat 9 0 edit
Mythology Geneology Geneology of Greek Mythology Unfinished 2010-01-08 whittlepat 6 0 edit
Myth Monsters Questions about Mythological Monsters Unfinished 2010-01-11 whittlepat 10 0 edit
Hercules Questions about Hercules and his 12 labors Unfinished 2010-02-11 whittlepat 98 0 edit
Apollo A stack about Apollo and the various stories about him. Quiz Bowl 2010-09-25 whittlepat 13 0 edit
Material Fallacies Material Fallacies Unfinished 2010-03-01 whittlepat 7 0 edit
Aphrodite Questions about Aphrodite Unfinished 2010-03-02 whittlepat 40 0 edit
Apollo Facts People and Stories about Apollo Unfinished 2010-03-12 whittlepat 17 0 edit
Roman Kings Questions about the Kings of Rome and what they did Unfinished 2010-04-14 whittlepat 7 0 edit
Latin State Mottos Given the motto in latin, name the state and give translation Quiz Bowl 2010-07-07 whittlepat 24 0 edit
Mythology Groups A stack for names of all the creatures, deitys etc. in certan mythology groups. Unfinished 2011-03-11 whittlepat 31 0 edit
Seven against Thebes A stack for the "Seven Against Thebes" mythology story. Unfinished 2011-07-14 whittlepat 2 0 edit
Figures of speech Figures of speech listed in Martin Cothran's "Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle" Latin 2013-12-09 whittlepat 59 0 edit
LatinIV Test 2 Info Vocab + Supplementary Notes review for the second test in Latin IV Latin 2013-12-09 whittlepat 36 0 edit
Latin IV pre vocab3 Latin IV pre vocab, Petronius, Pliny, and Martial Latin 2013-12-09 whittlepat 70 0 edit
LatinIV Test 3 Sup notes and starred vocab review for the third test in Latin IV. Latin 2013-12-09 whittlepat 21 0 edit
Pre-vocab AD 96-end Pre-vocab review for the Five Good Emperors and Later Emperors in Latin IV Latin 2013-12-09 whittlepat 129 0 edit
LatinIV test 4 Sup notes and starred vocab for the fourth test in Latin IV. Latin 2013-12-09 whittlepat 29 0 edit
Aeneid Test I Vocab for the first 33 lines of the Aeneid Book I Unfinished 2014-01-17 whittlepat 8 0 edit
Aeneid test II Test on lines 34-123 Unfinished 2014-02-03 whittlepat 37 0 edit
Augustan Age Lit Augustan Age Literature info. Unfinished 2014-03-24 whittlepat 54 0 edit
Aeneid Test III Test on lines 297-756 Unfinished 2014-03-17 whittlepat 17 0 edit
Aeneid Book I Vocab All starred vocab form Aeneid book I Latin 2014-04-04 whittlepat 91 0 edit

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