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emigration of scots

7 positive effects of empire Cheap workforce, new ideas, raw materials, job creation, boosting trade, challenge, jobs abroad
5 negative effects of empire highland depopulation, brain drain, over reliance, religious strife, health and housing issues
how many million scots emigrated? what percentage of the population was this? 1.4 million 30%
6 reasons why it’s easier for Scots to migrate within the empire language. cheaper. existing connections. respect. protection. similar culture
4 reasons why scots left scotland highland clearances, agricultural depression, problems after WW1, transportation
9 reasons why scots wanted to go to other countries financial assistance from UK government cheap land improved transport letters from friends and family religion other governments financial assistance from landowners societies and charities better wages
what country did John Muir emigrate to and what impact did he have? USA - founded Yosemite National Park and has a famous environmental award scheme
What country did Andrew Carnegie emigrate to and what impact did he have ? USA- founded Carnegie Street Centre donated £350 million to charity , expansion of american steel industry
What country did Alan Gilmour emigrate to and what impact did he have? Canada- expanded fathers timber company employed thousands of scots
What country did George Stephen emigrate to and what impact did he have? Canada- president of large canadian bank donated millions to charity
What country did Robert McCracken emigrate to and what impact did he have ? Australia- founded brewery with brother.
what percentage of canadians have scottish ancestry 10%
scots make up the third largest ..... in canada? ethnic group
In what year did John Alexander become prime minister of Canada? 1857
which scot created the canadian railway system? Lord Stephen
By what year where 1/3 of Canada’s most talented businessmen scots 1880
name canada’s 5 largest industries paper coal steel sugar iron
Scots were ?% of Canada’s colonial investment companies 75%
which scotsman founded the New York Herald James Gordon Bennet
how many scots moved to australia because of prison sentences 20,000
what was discovered in Australia which made the number of scots emigrating increase massively gold
which scot created a railway system through india James Dalhousie
Thomas Lipton founded Lipton Teas in india and dominated what percentage of the country’s tea trade? 10%
how many of new zealand’s prime ministers were scots? at least 4
what three business areas where scots involved in in New Zealand gold mining, frozen meat , construction of shipyards
5 reasons for irish immigration Poverty, lack of opportunities in Ireland, opportunities in Scotland, potato famine, cheap transport
5 reasons for Italian emigration Population growth, poverty, padroni, business opportunities, family
4 reasons for jews emigrating attacks, rights, religion, poverty
4 reasons for lithuanians emigrating russification, job opportunities, attacks, family
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