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social studies ch.7

George Washington He was the first president of the United states, and the leader of the Continental Congress.
Electoral College The electoral college was a body of electors who represent the peoples vote in choosing the President.
Martha Washington She was George Washington's wife and the first lady, she entertained guests and attended social events.
Precedent An action or decision that is used as a example.
Act of 1789 This act created the three levels of the federal court system.
Alexander Hamilton he wrote the Articles of Confederation
National debt Money owed by the united states
Bonds The certificates of debt that carry a promise to buy back the bonds at a higher price.
speculators People who buy low priced items in hopes that they will someday become which of high value.
Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson was the main writer of the Constitution and disagreed with what Alexander Hamilton believed was right.
Loose Construction The Federal Government can take reasonable actions if they deem necessary.
Strict Construction The Federal government van only do what the constitution says they are able to do.
Bank of the United States The country's first national bank.
French Revolution a rebellion of the French People.
Neutrality Proclamation Stated that the United States would not take sides with any European countries that were at war.
Privateers Were private ships hired by a country to attack its enemies.
Jay's Treaty Settled the disputes that had arisen between the United States and Great Britain.
Pinckney's Treaty Settled the border and trade disputes with Spain.
Little Turtle Defeated U.S. forces under General Josiah Harmar
Battle of Fallen Timbers Native Americans fought Wayne's troops and were defeated.
Treaty of Greenville Gave the United States claim to most Indian lands in the Northwest Territory.
Whiskey Rebellion Farmers rebelled against the tax on whiskey.
Political Parties Groups of people that help elect people and shape policies.
Federalist Party Wanted a strong federal government.
Democratic Republican Party Wanted to limit the federal Governments power.
the XYZ affair Federalists in Congress called the war with France the XYZ affair.
Alien and Sedition acts The federalist controlled Congress passed four laws known together as the Alien and Sedition acts.
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions These documents argued that the Alien and Sedition acts were unconstitutional.
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