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Unit 2 Midpoint Quiz

Midpoint Quiz

Which purpose of government states that all the citizens should know the law and be equally subject to it? Rule of Law
Which purpose of government states that a standing military should be kept so that it could defend us against enemies? Common Defense
Which purpose of government states that all citizens should have equal protection of freedoms that allow them to express themselves? Individual Rights
Which purpose of government states that the government should provide services that citizens are not able to provide themselves like roads, bridges, and schools? Public Services
Which purpose of government states that governments should make decisions so that the citizens would be able to make and keep money that they earn? Economy
Which type of government provides individual rights to citizens such as the ability to speak their mind on different issues? Representative Democracy
Which type of government has one strong leader that is in total control of all aspects of life? Dictatorship
Which type of government is run by a small group of wealthy and make decisions that tend to benefit themselves? Oligarchy
Which type of government has a King and Queen that make decisions to better their country? Monarchy
Why was the European Union founded? to prevent war and build economic strength
What are the three parts of the European Union? Court of Justice, European Commission, and European Parliament
Define feudalism. a social system where land was exchanged for military service
What made people wealthy during Feudal times? land
Who was credited with starting the feudal system in Europe? William the Conqueror
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