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American Revolution

Chapter 6 sections 3 & 4

Civilians People not in the military.
What changes did women experience during the war? They took on roles traditionally held by their husbands, fathers and brothers. They had to deal with food shortages, and enemy attacks.
Continentals Money printed during the Revolutionary War.
The reason most Native Americans sided with the British. They feared that an American victory would result in continuing takeovers of their lands.
George Rogers Clark He was sent by Virginia to capture British forts west of the Appalachian Mountains.
Bernardo de Galvez Governor of Louisiana. He provided money and weapons for George Rogers Clark's efforts. He offered American ships safe harbor in New Orleans, Louisiana. He played a key role in capturing British forts on the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.
The reason why General George Washington decided to accept African American soldiers. The British offered freedom to all enslaved people who would serve on their side. Washington changed his policy when he saw how many enslaved people joined the British cause.
Havana's Ladies Gave millions of dollars to the Americans at a time when money was desperately needed.
John Paul Jones Commander of the warship Bonhomme Richard that defeated the British warship Serapis off the coast of England in a ferocious battle.
privateers Armed civilian ships that are not a part of the navy but were allowed by their governments to attack enemy ships.
Charles Cornwallis Commander of British army that marched north from Florida to North Carolina. By moving his troops to the Yorktown peninsula in Virginia General George Washington's troops and French troops surrounded him and he was forced to surrender.
Guerrilla tactics Using small groups to perform surprise hit and run attacks. Used to slow the British advance in the South.
Francis Marion Also known as Swamp Fox, was the most famous leader of the guerrilla tactics.
Benedict Arnold A high-ranking American and infamous traitor who switched his allegiance to the British.
General Nathanael Greene His strong leadership resulted in the Americans beginning to push the British out of the Deep South.
Treaty of Paris Britain recognized the United States as independent.
April 15, 1783 Congress approved the Treaty of Paris, officially ending the war.
Why did the Americans win? They knew the geography. Patriotism kept the troops fighting with fervor. Help from allies was a large part of their success. Great leaders.
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