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Chapter 6-Logan

_______ __________ _______is located in grid square B-4. Stone Mountain Park
To prepare for a ____________, national, state, and local workers and volunteers pile bags of sand to raise levees. flood
The city of _____________is a top “green” city in the United States. Atlanta
The fall line is located between the_____________ and the ____________ Plain. piedmont Coastal
__________is mined in Appalachia and the Gulf Coast is rich in _____. Coal oil
Fort Sumter National Monument can be found in the city of___________. Charleston
The _______________ tribe lived in southern Appalachia. Cherokee
____________ ____________led a group of settlers into Kentucky. Daniel Boone
The ____________River forms one of Virginia’s borders. Potomac
_________ is a resource found in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Rice
The mild climate of the Southeast means it has a long _____________ ____________. growing season
In the low islands, called ________, off the coast of Florida, people go diving, eat seafood, and look for seashells. keys
__________________helped English settlers in Virginia. Cockacoeske
As certain Southeastern ________ trees have been cut down, the red-cockaded _________________has disappeared. pine woodpecker
George Washington was the _______president of the United States, and he was called the “_____________ of his_________________.” 1st Father Country
_________ __________ _____________helped spread the culture of the Southeast with her novels that describe the experiences of African Americans living in the Southeast. Zora Neale Hurston
__________ ____________ is called the “Father of the Constitution.” James Madison
Thomas Jefferson was the ________president of the United States, and helped to write the _______________ ____ _________________. 3rd Declaration of Independence
______________ _____________is the mother of the civil rights movement. Rosa Parks
The Emancipation Proclamation was issued by ______________ ____________________. Abraham Lincoln
Created by: Mrs. Logan
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