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Huntley Chapter 5

Gangus River Runs South of the Himalayas and flows into the Indian Ocean then the Indus River empties into the Arabian Sea
Brahmins The highest Vedas
Rigveda Had the oldest Vedas that includes hymns of praise to many gods
Upanishads Final group of Vedic texts
Hinduism The oldest religion in the world and is now the 3rd largest
Brahma Creator and head of the caste system
Sivia Destroyer
Vishnu Preserver
Atman Means “soul”
Caste system Divided Indian society into groups based on a persons wealth, birth, or occupation
Vaisyas Farmers or merchants also called commoners
Monsoons Seasonal wind patterns that cause wet or dry Seasons
Harappa and Mohenjo Daro 3000 miles apart and helped people discover how they lived
Kshatriyas Warriors who ran the government and army
Sutras A guide that had all the rules for the caste system
Varnas Has 4 separate classes
Jati Portuguese for caste
Sanskrit Aryan written language
Raja Known as princes
Vedas Known as Aryans society that came from religious writings
Aryans They invaded the river valley after Harappa civilizations collapsed
Harrappans Developed Indians first writing system
Sudras They weren’t Aryans
Pariahs The untouchables
Personality Qualities that makes someone who they are
Reincarnation To be reborn
Dharma Divided laws
Hindus Believes that people must perform their duty for the reward of a better life
Karma Consequences for a persons life or actions
Subcontinent Large land masses that are smaller that a continent
Himalayas The highest mountains in the world
5 nations that occupy subcontinents Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Bangladesh
Indians People who belong to the Sudras class
Brahmans They were priest and they were in the highest Vedas
Top 2 Varnas Brahmins and Kshatriyas
Why was the caste system created? No one is really sure but light skins were known as better another reason is because they out conquered more
Indus River Location of India’s first civilization
Jains Two groups with believers in a religion
Jainism Based on teaching of a man named Mahariva
Mahariva He believed to have been born around 599bc.
Ahimsa Means “Nonviolence” in Sanskrit Hindus practices this
Sikihisum Founded Ahimsa
Gurus Nanak Lived in the AD.1400 and his name means teacher
Monotheistic Worships only one god
The 5 K”s Kesh: Hair / Kara: Ring / Kirpan: Sword / Kercha : Underwear or pants / Kangha : Comb
Buddhism Founded by siddharth Gautama
Enlightened one or Budda Lessons about life and the nature of suffering
Nirvana State of total peace, giving up all desires. This word come from the sankskrit word blowing out candles
Four Noble Truths Heart of Buddha’s teachings
Asoka One of the most powerful Kings in India and he became Buddhist in 200bc.
Missionaries People who spread the gospel or religious beliefs
Buddhist Splits into two differnta groups
Theravada Buddhism Saw Buddha as a teacher and not a god
Mahayana Buddhism Belived Buddha was a God and not a teacher
Bodhisattuas Enlightened people who postpone going to heaven to help people and there deeds like Angels
Buddhism leaders Lamas
Theocracy Religious leaders that’s head of s government
Dalai Lama The lama who was head of the government
Cangragupta Maurya A Military Leader in 320bc that seized control of the entire Northern part of India he founded the Mauryan Empire and chose to rule from the empire in Pataliputra
Stupas Visas shrine // church
Gupta Dynasty
Pilgrims People who traveld for religious reasons
Candr Gupta 2 Took over the throne in 375bc
Huns Invaded India from the North West
Ajanta Most famous temple
2 famous epics The Mahabharata and the Ramayana
Mahabharata Longest poem ever written it was written in 100bc and had around 8,000 verses
Bhagavad Gita Best section or “Song of the Lord”
Kalidasa India’s best known author that lived in the Gupta Dynasty
Cloud Messanger Most popular Sanskrit Love poems
Yogis Teacher of yoga
Matallurgy Science of working with metal
Alloys Mixture of two or more metals
Aryabhata Leading of math mathematician of the Gupta Empire. Was the first scientists to use algebra
Infinity No end
Indian mathematicians Developed the idea of zero and a symbol to represent it and also the infinity sign / mark
Hindu Arabic Numerical System System of numbers 1-9 that Indians developed
Algoristhms Series of problems to solve a problem
Shushruta An Indian doctor or Surgan that fixed noses with plastic surgery
Inoculation Injecting a person with a small does of a virus
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