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NMS WH The Greeks

WH Unit 7-8 The Greeks Vocabulary

achievement something done successfully
authority the right to give orders to someone else
bard a storyteller
channel a strait or narrow sea between two land masses
colony a group of people living in a new territory who have ties to their homelands
democracy a government where all citizens share in running the government
direct democracy a government where citizens participate first-hand in the decision-making process
dominate control; the most important part or idea
epic - a long story that teaches a lesson - passed down from generation to generation - the first Greek stories and poems
fable _ a short story that teaches a lesson - some written by Aesop - usually has animals
Hellenistic Era the period between the death of Alexander the Great and the rise of the Roman Empire (323 BC - 31 BC)
military society everything in the community was centered on the army
myths stories used to explain religious beliefs
obedient follows the rules; does what they are told to do without question
oligarchy a government in which a small group has control
peninsula land surrounded by water on three sides
representative democracy a government where citizens elect officials to govern on their behalf
the Dark Age a time when trade and farming failed and many people stopped reading and writing
tyranny (tyrant) a government where someone seizes (takes) power and rules with total authority (no limits)
tyrant someone who seizes or takes power and rules with total authority (no limits)
seize take
dominate take control; the most important part or idea
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