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Science exam review

When should you wear goggles in the science lab Using chemicals, using heat, using glassware
Nucleus Controls the actions of the cell; location of genetic material: DNA
Cell wall An organelle that is on the outer part of a plant cell, the animal cell does not have this organelle
Mitochondria Powerhouse of the cell
Chloroplast Organelle in plant cell that helps convert energy into food; it often looks like green coins
What instrument do we use to look at slides of a cheek cell ans an Elodea cell Microscope
What are the three main components of the cell theory 1. All organisms are composed of one or more cells 2. Cell is the basic unit of life 3. All cells come from prexisting cells
What are the levels of organization Cells, tissue, organs.organ system, organism
What is the main function of the cell membrane Allows things to come in and out of the cell
Besides chloroplast what cell structure does a plant cell have that an animal cell DOES NOT Cell wall
What is the main function of the chloroplast Make sugar through Photosynthesis
What is the function of an organelle To perform a specific task in a cell
What are the main functions of the digestive system Mouth, Esophagus, Stomach, Large intestine, Small intestine
What are some examples of organs in the human body Heart, Skin, Lungs, Brain, Kidney
What are some examples of an external stimuls Echo location and seasonal changes
What is the function of the vacuole Store food, water, and waste
What is the function and structure of cytoplasm Holds organelles in place and it's a jelly like substance
What is a response by your body getting an infection Increased tempeature
Homeostasis The ability of an organism to maintain a stable envoirment
What two body systems work together to get more O2 to a runner's muscles Respitory and Circulatory
What is a likely response to food poisoning Vomiting
How do skeletal muscles work In pairs
When you chew up a cracker what type of digestion is it Mechanical digestion
What is the main function of the reproductive system The continuation of the human species
What is the main function of the excretory system To rid the body of liquid waste
Stimulas A change in an organisms environment that causes an response
What is the purpose of the nervous system Controls actions and reactions
What body system to hormones belong to Endocrine system
What two body systems help you move Skeletal and Muscular
What two body systems help you breathe Respitory and Muscualr
Which body systems produce and distribute hormones on the body Endocrine and Circulatory
Hydrotropism When a plant moves towards water
Phototropism When a plant moves towards the sun
Thingmatropism When a plant responds to touch
What is the main function of the integumentary system Protection of the body
Vegetive propagation Growing anew plant from a piece of a plant
Heredity The passing of traits fron one generation to the next
What must astronauts do offset the effects of a low gravity space environment Excercise daily
What parts of the space suit keeps an astronaut alive Oxygen system
Binary fission Becoming two by the division of the complete organism
Regeneration The ability to restore lost or damaged tissues or organs
What effects do microgravity have on the body 1. bone loss 2. muscle loss 3. low blood volume
Where are genes lovated within the cell On the DNA
Budding Process by which a new duplicate organism begins to form at the side of the parent and enlarges until an indivisual is created
Genetics The study of Hereidty
Who is the botanist that studied pea plants and what specific parts did he study Gregor Mandal he studied...... 1. height of the plant 2. color of the plant 3. color of the seed
How are chromosomes and genes related Genes are within the DNA and DNA makes up chromosomes
Trait Qualities that are passed from one generation to the next
What protects an astronaut from cosmic rays Space suit
Created by: Dancer an