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Executive Branch

Bureaucracy A large, complex administrative structure that handles the everyday business of an organization
Executive Order Directive, rule, or regulation issued by a chief executive or subordinates, based upon constitutional or statutory authority and having the force of law
Pardon Release from punishment or legal consequences of a crime by the President (in a federal case) or a governor (in a State case)
Amnesty- A blanket pardon offered to a group of law violators
Foreign Policy A government's strategy in dealing with other nations
Ambassador- Diplomat sent by a country who acts as its official representative to a foreign country
Attorney General Head of the US Department of Justice who represents a country or a state in legal proceedings and gives legal advice to the government
Department of State Plans and carries out the nation’s foreign policy
Department of Treasury Collects, borrows, spends, and prints money
Department of Defense Manages the Armed Forces
Department of Justice Has the responsibility for all aspects of law enforcement
Department of the Interior Manages and protects the nation’s public land and natural resources
Department of the Agriculture Assists farmers and consumers of farm products
Department of Labor Concerned with the working conditions and wages of America’s workers
Department of Health and Human Services Works for the health and well-being of all Americans
Department of Education Provides advice and funding for schools
Department of Homeland Security Most recent executive department that was added (in 2002), which provides for the safety and security of the United States
What are the constitutional requirements to be a US President - Native born US citizen - At least 35 years of age - US Resident for at least 14 years
How long is a presidential term? 4 years
Which amendment defines Presidential Succession (who becomes president in the event the President cannot finish out his term)? 20th Amendment
Which amendment defines how many terms a US President can serve? 22nd Amendment
How many terms many a US president serve? Two 4-year terms. However, a president may serve extra time if he/she had been a VP who had to take over another president’s term (due to death, resignation, etc.,). So, the maximum number of years a president could actually serve is 10 years.
Which Amendment changed the role of the VP (which is to serve as president if the president cannot finish out the term, represent the US overseas, develop policy and gather support for programs, and preside over the Senate 25th Amendment
Chief Executive Enforces laws, treaties, court decisions; grant pardons/amnesties/reprieves; gives executive orders; and appoints federal judges (including vacancies on the Supreme Court or Presidential Cabinet)
Chief Diplomat Directs and oversees all foreign policy; helps make key international decisions; appoints and receives ambassadors; negotiates treaties and executive agreements; and gives diplomatic recognition
Commander-in-Chief Serves as Commander (or head) of the nation’s armed forces
Legislative Leader Author of the nation's public policies - Proposes legislation, prepares a federal budget, and approves or vetoes legislation
Judicial Leader The President appoints judges to the Supreme Court as well as other federal courts, and can issue pardons and reprieves
Chief of State Serves as the ceremonial head of the US - the “living symbol” of the nation’s people
Party Leader The most powerful official within a political party who can help other politicians get elected
What is the role of the 15 Executive Departments in the Executive Branch? To help the President carry out his/her job
Executive Agency An independent agency responsible for dealing with certain specialized areas of government
Regulatory Commission Independent agency that protects the public by controlling certain types of business and industry
Government Owned Corporations Similar to a private organization (i.e., post office or Amtrak)
Department of Veterans Affairs Directs services for veterans
Most appointments made by the US President must be approved by the: Senate
How many executive departments are there? 15
Chief Citizen Represents the people and works for the public interest
If the President, Vice-President, and leaders of Congress were all unable to hold office, who would assume the office of President? The Secretary of State
Cabinet An advisory body to the President
Vice-President The second-highest position in the executive branch of the United States, after the president
Succession The action or process of inheriting a title or office
Inauguration A ceremony to mark the beginning of something, specifically, a Presidency
Reprieve An official postponement of the execution of a sentence
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