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Write the definition of the Columbian Exchange in your own words. The exchange of plants, animals, and people between Europe, Africa, and North America.
Explain which European country was the “early leader” where North American colonization is concerned. Spain was the “early leader” of North American colonization.
Who negotiated a lease of the entire island of Manhattan from the Manhates Indians? Peter Minuit negotiated this lease.
What was one thing that French financial minister Jean Baptiste Colbert did while he was in office? He created the “Company of the West”.
How did Native American tribes (such as the Cherokees) coped with increasing intergroup warfare as a result of these major changes? They created confederacies to deal with intergroup warfare and to deal with European colonizers.
List the name of the person who founded Louisiana. de La Salle founded Louisiana.
Who founded the settlements that would later be called New France? Samuel de Champlain founded these settlements.
Explain how the Anasazi responded to the environmental changes that started around 900 C.E. They build irrigation canals and flood control dams.
What was the Powhatan Confederacy? This was created due to the need for mutual defense as warfare became more common.
What do you need to do before choosing one of the 10 Themes of Social Studies to interpret a picture, statue, memorial, or other piece of art? You must look at all of the details in the item carefully before choosing one of the 10 Themes for these.
ow did the Iroquois tribe deal with “threats to the fur trade”? The Iroquois attacked their rivals, the Mohicans, which started a bloody war. The Mohicans were driven out of the Hudson River Valley completely by 1627.
What was the encomienda system? This was a system where Spanish conquistadors were instructed to tell Native Americans they encountered that they were now under the control of the Spanish queen and the Catholic Church. Then they were allowed to (essentially) enslave them.
What was the dominant economic activity in the Southern Colonies? Agriculture (or, you could use plantation agriculture).
Why was this the focus of the Southern Colonies? The climate in the Southern Colonies was favorable to agriculture; farmers in these Colonies turned to plantation agriculture due to crop loss as the result of droughts and storms.
What Colonial region was most affected by the Great Awakening? The New England Colonies were most affected.
Why were the New England Colonies most affected by the Great Awakening? These Colonies were most affected because there were more wealthy Colonists living in the New England Colonies. This meant that more people from this Colonial region could afford to buy and read books by Enlightenment thinkers.
What does the term republican womanhood mean/refer to? This term refers to the practice of mothers and wives helping to sustain American values and raise a new generation of concerned citizens" during the Revolutionary War.
Explain what the Stamp Act Congress wanted to do. This group wanted to deny Parliament's right to impose any direct taxes on the Colonies.
How did the Stamp Act work? A stamp tax raised money by requiring the use of government "stamped paper" on certain goods as part of the cost for certain services.
What was one (1) reason that George Grenville passed the Proclamation of 1763 (at the end of the French and Indian War)? He did this to prevent Colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains.
List two (2) of the three (3) main arguments that Thomas Paine made in this pamphlet, Common Sense. 1.) He challenged the idea of a hereditary ruler; 2.) He questioned the value of the monarchy as an institution; 3.) He criticized the character of men who would be kings.
What was one (1) of the proposals put forth in the New Jersey Plan? 1.) Both houses of Congress would have equal representation; 2.) Congressional delegates would be elected by state legislatures.
List one (1) of the proposals put forth in the Connecticut Compromise. 1.) There would be a House of Representatives with proportional representation w/delegates chosen by state districts; 2.) A Senate would exist with 2 senators from each state regardless of population elected by state legislatures.
What was the Three - fifths Clause (also known as the Three - fifths Compromise)? A compromise made during the Constitutional Convention whereby slaves would count as "3/5's of a person" for the purposes of taxation & representation.
What are the three (3) parts of the Declaration of Independence? 1.) A statement listing the "natural rights" that are people were given by God; 2.) A list of grievances against King George III; 3.) A statement regarding the Colony's intention to separate themselves from Great Britain.
What was "one of the most significant accomplishments of the Articles of Confederation? The creation of the Northwest Territory out of lands claimed by Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, & Massachusetts.
List two (2) things that President James Monroe stated in his Monroe Doctrine? That the Western Hemisphere was closed to further colonization by European countries that the U.S. would not allow European interference in the internal affairs of independent nations anywhere in the Americas.
Why do Studystacks work? Studystacks work because they use the “forced retrieval” study method. This method shows you a prompt and does not give you any hints about the answer. You are “forced” to recall the answer on your own.
What did the Supreme Court decide in the "Worcester vs. Georgia" case? The Supreme Court ruled that Georgia could not regulate private dealings by U.S. citizens in the territory controlled by the Cherokee tribe since the tribe had sovereign rights & were only subject to control by the U.S. government.
List two (2) things that the Whig Party advocated for in 1826. 1.) Strong national government role in the U.S. economy; 2.) Internal improvements such as roads & canals: 3.) General social reform movements.
What does the term Oberlin Abolitionism mean/ refer to? This term refers to a type of abolitionism that emerged following a series of religious revivals held by Charles Grandison Finney in upstate New York in the 1820's.
What was the Second Party System? A system that began when followers and supporters of Andrew Jackson created the Democratic party as a political party and Jackson's opponents formed the Whig Party.
Where and when did the Civil War officially begin? (NOTE: You just need the month and year for the “where” part of this question.) The Civil War began in April, 1861 at Fort Sumter, South Carolina.
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