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Constitution summary

St. Ignatius 7th grade McLaughlin

What does the Preamble state? Purpose for the constitution to be written
What is the supreme law of the land? The Constitution
The constitution also talks about the _____(3 branches) of the _____ and _______ government, and how to change the constitution (proposal of amendments). Separation of power of the federal and state government
Having two parts means? Bicameral
Section 1 of the constitution establishes the name of the Legislature. It is called ________, it is ____________, or having two houses. (House of ____ and ____) CONGRESS, it is bicameral, House of Representatives and Senate.
The leader of the House is the _____________, chosen the the members. Speaker of House
The upper house of Congress is _______. The requirements to serve in it is to be______ years old. You serve for _____ years. Senate, 30, 6
The leader of the Senate is the _________ (called the president of the _____). Vice-President, senate
Congress must have a ________ ,or _________, number of members present in order to meet. It can fine those who d’t show up. Minimum, or quorum
The journal that each house has and keeps record of everything they do. Congressional record
The clause that allows congress to pass any law necessary for the carrying out of what is “necessary and proper” to carry out their duties. “Elastic Clause”
Only Congress can _________. Declare war
The presidant’s and vice-president’s term is _____ years, per term. 4
The _______________ is commander-in-chief of the armed forces and of the militia (National Guard) of all the states. President
Proposed bill before president signs it is called a ______. BILL
Proposed bill after president signs it is called a _________. LAW
Proposed bill that the president refused to sign is called a _________. VETO
The highest court’s , the ______ Court’s judges can serve for _________. Supreme, serve for life
To make war against the United States, or to give aid and comfort to our enemies, is the definition of ____________. Treason
The number of Supreme Court justices is _____ associates and _____ Chief Justices. This is a total of _____ judges. 8, 1, 9
All times except once, the proposal ratification process of an amendment went like this: proposed by _______, ratified by state_________. Congress, State Legislature
There are _____ ways to propose/ratify. And amendment must be ratified in a reasonable amount of time, usually ____ years. 4, 7 years
The constitution had to be ratified by at least ___ of the thirteen states present in 1787 to become law. Nine
The first ten amendments to the constitution are called the ________. Bill of rights
Amendment 13-15 are called the ________________ amendments. Reconstruction
Any bill for raising money just start out in the ________. The House of Representatives
The process of the president dying and someone else taking his place is called ________. Presidential Succession
How old must you be to vote? 18 years
The separations of power of the federal and state government is NOT______. Federalism- the separation OF the federal and state government
Amending has ____ steps; list them in order—> _____________. 2 steps; proposal then ratification
When the Vice-President is not presiding over Senate, who takes his place? President Pro Tempore
To be a senator; age 30, 9 years a citizen, and resident requirement of ________. Being state elected
Our president is _________. Donald Trump.
President must be _______ years old and _________ born. 35 years, natural
Repersenatives must be ___ and serve for ___________. 25, as many times as they get elected.
Bills that deal with money start it the __________________. House of Representatives
President is the ________ in chief Commander
Our vice-president is ____________. Mike Pence
Created by: FlowingDarkness2



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