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Scavenger Hunt 3

What was the Spoil System Government Jobs given to people who supported Jackson
Wagner Act, National labor Relations act It helped workers unite into unions
What happened in the 1920's Credit was used, Women became flappers,
Causes of the Great Depression Bad banking, stock market crashed, Dust bowl, uneven distribution of income
What were Hooverville Places where people made temporary homes
How did FDR get the New Deal passed Court Packing Plan
New Programs to Help America during GD Work Progress Administration, SS Act, FDIC
Trial of Sacco & Vanzetti Americans didn't like immigrants, Nativism
Women during WWI Helped by getting jobs in factories to help the war
GI bill Money the U.S. gave to people who joined the military or help them pay for college / house/ start business
Lend Lease act Money and weapons the U.S. gave to their allies to help in the war
Wilson's 14 Points Presidents Wilson's plan to have peace and love in the world
What caused the U.S. to enter WWI The sinking of the Louisitania
What caused the U.S. to enter into WWII The bombing of Pearl Harbor
Mapp v Ohio Unreasonable search and seizure- rights of the accused
Miranda v Arizona Right to remain silent- rights of the accused
LBJ's Great society President Johnson's plan to get rid of poverty and discrimination
Open door policy U.S. enters a trade agreement with China
Containment, Domino theory, NATO, Berlin Wall Cold War
Two wars the U.S. fought to stop the spread of Communism Korean & Vietnam war
Senator McCarthy McCarthyism made everyone afraid of Communism
Watergate President Nixon Scandal- caused him to resign
S.A.L.T. Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty, Nixon's plan to reduce weapons during the Cold war
What do Americans fear today? Outsourcing losing their jobs to other countries
The U.S. Patriot act Law after 911 that allows the government to spy on you
Created by: ygarcia13