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Stack 1 Unit 5 Study

Unit 5 Study

The ___________ Rebellion showed that the government was strong enough to enforce laws proving the Constitution is a strong enough government to run the country. Whiskey
Washington's Farewell Address explained that there shouldn't be any of these: Political parties
This political party's supporters were farmers and frontier settlers who favored state governments. Democratic Republican Party
This political party's supporters were rich and wellborn. They favored strong national government. Federalist Party
Which act allowed President John Adams to deport immigrants? The Alien Act
Which Act allowed President John Adams to arrest and or fine citizens that said anything that criticised the president or federal government. The Sedition Act
Who did the Alien and Sedition Acts target? The Democratic Republican Party
James Madison and Thomas Jefferson made these two: Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
What did the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions do? They said that states created the government so the states have a right to say whether or not they want to nullify a federal law.
This amendment put the President and Vice President on separate ballots: The 12th Amendment
Which election peacefully transferred the power from a Federalist president to a Democratic Republican President? Election of 1800
What was the Louisiana purchase? Napoleon offered to sell the who louisiana territory for only $15 million dollars. Thomas Jefferson had originally wanted to just buy the port of New Orleans, but the offer was so tempting that he ended up buying the whole Louisiana purchase.
This expedition's original goal was to find the Northwest Water Passage, but Lewis and Clark met and befriended Native Americans. Lewis and Clark Expedition
What did the Second War of Independence accomplish? The war made America a world power and it created great Nationalism in the American country.
Which document was written by James Monroe? Monroe Doctrine
Who was the Indian that helped Lewis and Clark? Sacagawea
What did the Monroe Doctrine say? It told all European countries to stay out of the business of North and South Americas.
What did Lewis and Clark do with the Native Americans? They mapped out routes and noted the animals they'd discovered.
What house breaks the tie between Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson? The House of Representatives
What did the Monroe Doctrine say they'd do if the European countries would stay out of the Western Hemisphere? They agreed to stay out of all European wars
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