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History Final Stuff

How are the Whiskey Rebellion different than Shay's rebellion? The Whiskey Rebellion proved that the national government can enforce their laws unlike they did in Shay's Rebellion
What did George Washington say when he was leaving the office? He said that the country shouldn't have political parties because they would divide or split the country, the country should avoid foreign alliances and stay out of other countries wars, and avoid getting further in debt because of wars.
Who were the supporters of the Democratic Republican party? Farmers and frontier settlers who favored state governments.
Who were the supporters of the Federalist party? Rich, educated wellborn people.
Who did the Democratic Republican party favor? France
Who did the Federalist party favor? Great Britain or England
What was the Alien Act? It allowed John Adams to deport or make immigrants or aliens he thought were dangerous leave the country.
What was the Sedition Act? It allowed John Adams to arrest and fine citizens if they said any criticism or hate toward the Federal government or the President.
Who were the Alien Act and Sedition act aimed for? The Democratic Republicans.
What amendment did the Alien act and the Sedition act violate? The first amendment Speech and Press
Who made the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions? James Madison and Thomas Jefferson
What did the 12th amendment do? It put the President and Vice President on different ballots.
Who did the House of Representatives break ties between? Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson
What places did Thomas Jefferson want to buy? Port of New Orleans or New Orleans
How much did Napoleon sell the whole area for and why? 15 million dollars. Because of the war with Great Britain
What was Lewis and Clark's expedition? To explore the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase
What was Lewis and Clark's #1 goal? To find the Northwest Water passage or water communication(fancy way to say it)
Where was the Northwest Water passage or water communication supposed to be linked? Between the Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean
What did Lewis and Clark do while they were exploring? They made contact with Native Americans, and mapped routes, and noted what animals discovered.
What are the 3 reasons for impressment of American Sailors? Interfering with American shipping, and Native American resistance using British weapons
What was the document by James Monroe called? Monroe Doctrine
What was the Monroe Doctrine document about? Telling all European countries to stay out of the affairs or business of North and South America.
What did North and South America agree to? To stay out of the European countries affairs also.
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