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unit 5 flashcards

Why was George Washington leaving office of the President? His term ended in presidence
What act is this? This law allowed John Adams to arrest and fine citizens if they said any criticism or hate toward the Federal government or the President Sedition Act
What is the Federalist Party ? Supports were rich, educated wellborn. Favored strong national government. Favored France.
What act was is this? This law allowed John Adams to deport or make immigrants or aliens he thought was dangerous leave the country Alien Act
What is the Democratic Republican Party? Supports were farms. And frontier settlers who favored state governments. Favored France.
What was the Election of 1800? House of Representatives break tie between Aaron Burr ( Vp candidate) and Thomas Jefferson after 35 votes.
3 reason for Impressment of American Sailors, Interfering with American Shipping, and Native American resistance using British weapons. What is this? Cartoon about War of Independence
What was Amendment 12 about Amendment 12 put the President and Vice President on separate ballots because Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr had the same Candidate was voted on separately from the President
When did the Whiskey Rebellion Start? 1791
When did the Whiskey Rebellion End? 1794
Who signed the Alien Act? John Adams
What happened in the Louisiana Purchase? In exchange, the United States acquired the vast domain of Louisiana Territory, some 828,000 square miles of land. The treaty was dated April 30 and signed on May 2. In October, the U.S. Senate ratified the purchase, and in December 1803 France
Who lead the Federalist Party? Alexander Hamilton
Who lead the Democratic Republican Party? Thomas Jefferson and James Madison
Who was the United States first President? George Washington
What year did George Washington left the Office? 1797
What started the Whiskey Rebellion? Citizens did not want to pay taxes to sell whiskey
When did the Louisiana Purchase happen? 1803
Who made the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions? James Madison and Thomas Jefferson made it
Who won the Election of 1800? Thomas Jefferson
What did the Highest votes mean? They were the Vice President
What did George Washington enter the office? 1789
When did the Monroe Doctrine Start? December 2, 1823
Who signed the 12 amendment? Federalist Representative William L. Smith
Created by: rdw9637
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