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Unit 5 Study

Unit 5 study Flash Cards

A rebellion on a high whisky tax were the makers rebelled Whisky Rebellion
This was the last words of a president, The country should not not have political parties because they would divide or split the country. Washington's Farewell Address
Supporters were farmers and Frontier settlers who favored state government. Favored France Democratic Republican Party
Supporters were rich and well educated and favored strong national government. Favored the British Federalist party
Law that allowed John adams to deport or make immigrants Aliens Alien Act
This law allowed John Adams to fine or jail people who insulted him Sedition Act
James Madison and Thomas Jefferson made these two resolutions They said that states created the government so states have a right to say whether or not they wanted to cancel or nullify a Federal law Virginia and Kentucky Resolution
This Amendment Made the vote for President and vice president a separate vote Amendment 12
It was a tied Election and had to have things changed to fix it Election of 1800
This was a big expansion of american Territory bought from Frances so they could continue there war Louisiana Purchase
A expedition to explore the newly acquired land for america and find a good river so they could communicate easier in that area. Lewis and Clark expedition
This war made America a world power and created great Nationalism or pride in the american country War of 1812
Document issued by James Madison that told all Europeans countries to stay out of affairs or business of North and South America Monroe Doctrine
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