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Midterm 2018


peat This is now being used as a fuel in Europe?
republic What type of government was given to us by our founding fathers?
balkans This mountain range provided a natural barrier that allowed the Greek civilization to develop:
terpen Which of these are high platforms used during floods and high tides?
dikes and levees What did the Dutch create so that more lands could be used for growing crops and building settlement?
ireland This country has two separate governments because of religious persecution of the Protestants in the north
alps provides 90% of fresh water to Europe
greece Voting is required by law in this place:
venice building are sinking and eroding
corsica This was the birthplace of Coca Cola and many of our constitutional ideas:
protect people's rights The most successful governments in ancient Europe realized that the proper role of government is to:
Acid Rain and developing industry Which are the two reasons forest in Europe are being destroyed?
Deep and stormy waters What was the main challenge that prevented drilling for oil in Europe?
spain This places provides 45% of the world's olive oil:
New technology resulting in better drilling equipment What finally allowed countries in Europe to successfully drill for oil?
1971 When were they finally able to successfully drill for oil in Europe?
netherlands this place once has 40% of its land underwater
growing population Why did the Dutch people need to recover more land from the Sea?
sardinia 22 of every 100 people in this place are over 100 years old:
oligarchy What is the most common form of government in the world today?
italy 80% of this place is mountainous of hilly terrain:
north sea Which sea did the Dutch block off and turn into a freshwater lake?
sicily This place is home to Italy's largest and most active volcanoes:
democracy which government system has the flaw that majority has un-contested rule
monarchy which government doesn't truly exist
greenland There are no roads or working railroads
venice weight of buildings
2500 bc people been clearing the forest in Europe since about which year?
denmark This place has an average tax rate of 45% for its citizens
industrialization What caused a huge demand for wood during the 1700s and 1800s?
rhine this was once the most polluted river in europe
apennines This place is home to Europe's best preserved forest:
republic Which form of government means "The people's thing" where the thing is referring to an object that represents laws.
99 which percentage of Europe's forest have been destroyed since Roman times?
iceland This place gets 100% of their energy from renewable sources:
north sea Where is most of Europe's oil found?
norway This place is the world's largest exporter of salmon:
rome Which civilization was the first to experiment with a Republic?
england in the capital city of this country there are more languages spoken than any other country.
Created by: Domingue
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