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Unit Test Part 1

Mesopotamia & Egypt

How did people get food before the development of agriculture? Hunting and gathering
Another word for farming Agriculture
The first steps to becoming civilized are... settling down in permanent homes and to start farming
4 great river valley civilizations Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus Valley, China
All of the first civilizations developed around what? Near great rivers
Two main reasons why rivers were important to early farming civilizations Fresh water and Fertile soil
Why did river valleys have fertile soil? Yearly flooding left behind silt
What is irrigation? A way of supplying water to an area of land
2 rivers of Mesopotamia Tigris and Euphrates
The arc-shaped area of land with rich soil where many of the first civilizations began Fertile Crescent
1st civilization in Mesopotamia (They also invented the first writing system) Sumerian
First known written language Cuneiform
Great Babylonian King Hammurabi
1st set of laws written down Code of Hammurabi
Group best known for their iron weapons and chariots Hittites
Group best known for their fierce and organized soldiers Assyrians
The first pharaoh who united Upper and Lower Egypt Narmer/Menes
What protected Egypt from invaders Natural barriers
Egypt kings were called pharaohs
Define monarchy Type of government in which one king rules
Type of government in which a series of rulers come from the same family Dynasty
Period in which the pyramids were built Old Kingdom
Period when Egypt had the most glory and power New Kingdom
Group that invaded and took over Egypt during the Middle Kingdom Hyksos
Type of religion the Egyptians practiced Polytheism
Define polytheism belief in many gods
define monotheism belief in one god
why did the Egyptians make mummies? to preserve bodies for the afterlife
Purpose for building the great pyramids to serve as tombs (burial sites) for dead pharaohs
why did the Egyptians bury their dead with personal items?
Ancient Egyptian writing Hieroglyphics
What is papyrus? Paper-like material made from the reeds of a plant
What is a scribe? Person who can read and write
Continent that Egypt is on Africa
Climate in Egypt Desert (hot and dry)
Significance of the Rosetta Stone It helped people learn to understand hieroglyphics
River that contributed to the development of Egypt the Nile
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