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final US History

1. What was the name of the land bridge that connected Asia and North America? Beringia
2. How did England run its colonies prior to 1763? Salutary Neglect
3. What was the first form of labor in the English colonies? Indentured servants slavery was the first form of labor in England.
4. What crop allowed the English settlers to survive in North America? tobacco
5. Who led an attack of indentured servants upset over British policy toward Native Americans? Nathaniel Bacon
6. What did Puritans place a high value upon in their culture? education
7. What was the Mayflower Compact? First form of government in the colonies (pilgrims)
8. What was the economy of the Southern colonies based upon? farming /agriculture
9. What made the Middle Colonies different from the Southern and New England Colonies? separated from the government and also had freedom of religion
10. Which religious group settled the colony of Pennsylvania? Quaker
11. What theory did John Locke come up with? Natural rights
12. What was the effect of Bacon’s Rebellion on labor? More african slaves were used in the colonies (south)
13. Who won the French & Indian War? Great britain
14. What was the first tax law passed by the British Parliament upon its colonies? Sugar Act
15. Which colony was considered the center of Patriot rebellion from Great Britain? Boston, MA
16. What was the name of the radical patriot group that advocated violence for their cause? Sons of liberty
17. Where were the “shots heard ‘round the world”? Lexington and Concord
18. The Second Continental Congress was famous for passing what document? Declaration of indepence
19. Who wrote the famous pamphlet, Common Sense? Thomas paine
20. Which country gave aid to the Patriots in the Revolutionary War? France
21. Who was appointed general of the Continental Army? George washington
22. Before the Revolutionary War was over, what first form of government for the United States existed? Articles of confederation
23. What were two weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? No army Couldn’t collect state taxes All 13 states had to agree to amend it
24. What new government was created in 1787 to replace the Articles of Confederation? U.S. constitution
25. Who was the first Secretary of the Treasury? Alexander Hamilton
26. What central institution did Alexander Hamilton create to protect the economy? First Bank of the U.S.
27. What was a tariff? A tax on imports
28. Upon leaving office, President George Washington warned of what? He warned of getting involved in other countries’ problems. “Entangling alliances”
29. What foreign event dominated the administrations of George Washington and John Adams? French Revolution
30. Who was elected in the “Peaceful Revolution” of 1800? Thomas Jefferson
31. Why was the Peaceful Revolution of 1800 referred to as “peaceful”? (You have to tell me more than just “no war.”) There was a transfer of power from Federalists to Democratic Republicans, it was peaceful, no violence
32. Prior to leaving office, who did John Adams appoint to the Supreme Court? John Marshall
33. What was “loose construction” of the U.S. Constitution? A broad interpretation of the Constitution
34. From which country did Jefferson purchase the Louisiana Territory? France
35. What was impressment? The kidnapping of American sailors and forcing them to serve in another navy
36. Why is Thomas Jefferson remembered for being hypocritical during his time as President? He started out being a strict constructionist, but then morphed into a more loose constructionist.
37. Which new political party did Andrew Jackson belong to? Democratic Party
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