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History 1

Challenges to the Catholic Church vocabulary

indulgence a promise to reduce time spent in purgatory
Reformation a movement that divided the Christian Church in Europe
heretic a person that disagrees with the official church
Protestant a group of Christians who broke away from the Catholic Church
transubstantiation the belief that Jesus Christ is physically present in the bread and wine during Mass.
annulment declaration that a marriage is invalid
dissolution the closure and sale of England's monasteries.
litany a prayer with set responses from worshippers
communion a Protestant religious ceremony in which Christ is present symbolically
counter Reformation the Catholic church's reposnse to the Reformation
Jesuit a new monastic order set up to convert people to Catholicism
Regent a person who rules on behaf of the lawful leader while they are ill or too young.
Martin Luther a former monk who started the Protestant Reformation in Europe
Mary Queen of Scots a rival to the English throne who fled there after her nobles revolted
Guy Fawkes a mercenary and explosive expert who tried to blow up the Parliament
the Babbington Plot 1586 an unsuccessful plot to kill Elizabeth I and replace her with Mary Queen of Scots
the Spanish Armada 1588 failed invasion attempt organisaed by Philip of Spain to restore Catholicism in England
the Gunpower plot 1605 A Catholic plot to blow up Partliament , kill James I and place his daughter on the throne which ended in failure
Created by: Juditht
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