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French Revolution

French Revolution vocabulary

Maximilien Robespierre A French political leader, led the Reign of Terror; A member of the committee of public safety
emigre Nobles, clergy, and others who fled revolutionary France
Napolean Bonaparte A popular French military hero who rose in power very quickly
Jacobin A radical revolutionary club.
Sans-Culotte Working class men and women who pushed the revolution to become more radical.
Faction A political group
Bastille A fortress.
Cahiers Notebooks listing the grievances of the three estates of France.
Estates General A gathering of representatives
Deficit Spending Spending more money than you take in
Jacques Necker The King’s finance minister
Marquis de Lafayette The Hero of two worlds
Marie Antoinette An Austrian with an extravagant lifestyle.
Olympe de Gouges Demanded equal rights for women
Legitimacy Restoring hereditary rulers
abdicate To step down
Annex Add as part of an empire
plebiscite A popular vote.
Guerilla Warfare Hit and Run tactics
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