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thrusday s.s

Romulus and Remus? creators of rome. Myth.
Palatine hill? site were romulus killed remus.
dictatorship? a political leader given aboslute power.
Plebeians? one of the common farmers, articians, and merchants who made up most of the population.
Virgil? wrote the Aeneid.
Tacitus? Wrote the Analles.
Pax Romana? romans peace. Period of time which peace and prosperity took over. Rome was at it's pike of power.
Patricians? were rich land owners.
Hannibal? brilliant military strategist who wanted to avenge Carthages earlier defeat.
Scipio? -man who made up the plan to attack carthage. -forced hannibal to come back & defend his native city.
Carthage? -rome and carthage went to war. -rome and carthage fought three wars.
Cannae? -battle site were Carthage and Rome fought.
Zama? -happened during the second punic war. -rome and carthage.
Twelve tables? -early attempt of romans to create a code of law.
Mark Antony? -experienced general. -rivals with Lepidus.
Octavian (Augustus)? -occused Antony to plotting to rule rome.-defeated the combined forces of Antony&Cleopatra.
Caesar? -strong leader and genius at military strategy.-served one year as consul.-appointed himself governor of Gaul.
Assembly? -operated on direct democracy.-ordinary citizens not rich landowners.
Consuls? -men send to rule for a short time period.
Created by: x321jessie



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