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CBA Texas History

Adams Onis Treaty U. S. and Spain agree to settle their border disputes in 1819. US gets Florida; Spain gets Texas; Sabine River and Red River borders; establishes Neutral Ground between Spanish Texas and American Louisiana.
Adobe A mix of wet clay and straw that is made into bricks and dried in the sun. Used to build pueblos in west Texas
Age of Contact Era of exploration by Spain - Events: Catholic Spain completes the Reconquista by defeating the Moors; King Ferdinand looks for a way to gain land for Spain; Columbus sails to the Americas Cortes conquers Aztecs; Exploration of the Americas
Agriculture the work of preparing the soil, producing crops, and raising livestock; farming and ranching
Alamo Spanish mission turned into a fort by the Texans during the Texas Revolution. Hard to defend because it is large, has several low walls, and has wide, open areas
allies People who help each other to benefit them both
Alonzo Alvarez de Pineda drew the first known map of the Texas coast in 1519
Anglo A person of non-Hispanic descent. Usually this meant a white American.
Arid dry land having very little rainfall or natural water sources
arrest of Stephen F. Austin in Mexico City Austin's letter encouraging Texas to prepare to separate from Coahuila was intercepted. Mexican officials had not given Austin and the Texans permission to set up a separate state within Mexico.
Battle of Anahuac Travis put in jail by Bradburn; Logan's missing slaves, settlers were ready to fight to get Travis out of jail; Texans won; leads to the Turtle Bayou Resolutions which pledge loyalty to Mexico
Battle of Medina 1813, bloodiest battle Mexican independence fight in Texas; Gen Arredondo executes all who surrender, punishes rebel families in San Antonio; Spanish officer, Santa Anna is brutal during the Texas Revolution in 1836
Battle of San Jacinto April 21, 1836; Sam Houston leads the Texas Army; Santa Anna leads the Mexican Army; Houston leads a surprise attack. Santa Anna's only escape route is through the marshes.
Bison Buffalo, Food source for Native Americans. First described by Cabeza de Vaca
Cabeza de Vaca Spanish explorer, lost with the Narvaez expedition on the coast of Texas; known as "Son of Spain." 1st to come in contact with the Kawakawas. Wandered for 7 years; wrote adventures describing Seven Cities of Gold and the bison (buffalo). Respected the
Caddo Indians most advanced of the Native Americans; lived in the Gulf Coastal Plains with access to excellent natural resources
Central Plains north central Texas, between the Great Plains and Coastal Plains; rolling hills; largest city -- Fort Worth
Century A period of 100 years, (ex: 1700s is known as the 18th century)
Coastal Plains entire coast of Texas, including all islands, inlets, and bays to the Rio Grande; variety of low lands and plain; cotton and rice are grown here; most densely populated, wide-spread; most rainfall in Texas -humid climate, largest city - Houston
Colonization of Texas by Mexican citizens not popular due to Indian attacks and lack of support from Mexico City
Comanche Indians Plains Indians -- nomadic horsemen; moved into Texas by traveling over the plains on horseback; known as fierce warriors, pushed other Plains groups out of their territory
cultural adaptation blending or mixing one's culture with that of another, including religion, traditions and language; results from movement/migration into an area
Damian Massanet Catholic Church official who built the first mission in East Texas, San Francisco de los Tejas. Unsuccessful due to floods and illnesses. The Indians blamed the priests for bringing the floods and diseases. Burned the mission when it failed.
elevation across Texas height of the land above or below sea level; slowly rises from the coast in the east inland to the west towards El Paso and the Panhandle
empresario the Spanish word for "contractor" / received contracts to bring settlers to Texas / Stephen F. Austin was the most successful
French focused primarily on trade with Native Americans
Goliad Massacre James Fannin surrendered to the Mexican army at Goliad. General Santa Anna ordered that the Texans be executed as rebels.
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