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Fisher US Presidents

US History Regents Review Presidents

George Washington 1st President. Set precedents of two term limit and Cabinet.
Thomas Jefferson 3rd President. Main author of the Declaration of Independence, made the Louisiana Purchase.
John Adams 2nd President, was George Washington's VP, helped write the Declaration of Independence.
Andrew Jackson 7th President. Known for Spoils System; rewarding supporters with government jobs. Signed Indian Removal Act.
Abraham Lincoln 16th President. Led country during Civil War, signed Emancipation Proclamation to free slaves in the South.
Andrew Johnson 17th President. Supported amnesty for the South during Reconstruction. Impeached for firing Secretary of War.
Teddy Roosevelt 26th President. Supported environmental protection and control of monopolies, used Big Stick Policy in Latin America.
Woodrow Wilson 28th President. Led country during WWI, proposed 14 Points to achieve world peace, supported League of Nations.
Warren Harding 29th President. Return to Normalcy and neutrality after WWI, Teapot Dome Scandal affected public opinion of government.
Calvin Coolidge 30th President. Supported laissez-faire during 1920's, stock market soared.
Herbert Hoover 31st President. Great Depression begins, supported rugged individualism & laissez-faire to improve economy, efforts failed.
Franklin D Roosevelt 32nd President. New Deal policies helped economy during Great Depression, elected to 4 terms of office, WWII begins.
John F Kennedy 35th President. Supported black civil rights, created Peace Corps to promote democracy in the world.
Harry S Truman 33rd President. authorized use of atomic bombs to end war with Japan during WWII.
Dwight D. Eisenhower 34th President. Enforced integration in schools. Domino Theory led to support for aid to SE Asia and Middle East
Lyndon Johnson 36th President. Signed 1964 Civil Rights Act to ban discrimination in public places, at work, and in voter registration
Richard Nixon 37th President. Created OSHA and EPA. Resigned to avoid being impeached over Watergate Scandal.
Gerald Ford 38th President. Only person to become President without being elected. Faced oil embargo and inflation.
Jimmy Carter 39th President. Organized Camp David Accords peace agreement between Israel and Egypt.
Ronald Reagan 40th President." Reagonomics" policy of cutting taxes and increasing spending caused high inflation.
George Bush 41st President. US engaged in Persian Gulf War against Iraq.
George W Bush 43rd President. President during 9/11 terrorist attacks. Signed Patriot Act and created Department of Homeland Security.
Bill Clinton 42nd President. Strong economy. Impeached for lying under oath and obstructing justice but acquitted.
Barack Obama 44th President. First black president. "Obamacare" policy created to provide universal health care.
Created by: fisher_lisa
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