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Africa Geo/Cul (ALL)

Africa Geography & Culture (ALL)

What is the longest river in the the world? Nile River
What is the largest desert in Africa? Sahara Desert
What is the transitional area between the savanna and Sahara desert know as? Sahel
What mountain range is found in northwestern Africa? Atlas Mountains
What desert is found in southern Africa? Kalahari Desert
Which river, which is very polluted with oil, runs through Nigeria? Niger River
What is the largest lake in Africa? Lake Victoria
What is the process in which grasslands turn into deserts? desertification
What is the destruction of trees and rainforests? deforestation
What is the transition zone between the Sahara desert and the savanna? Sahel
What is the savanna? grasslands
Where do most people live in Africa? Near rivers and along the coasts
Which areas in the Sahara have high population densities? Along the Nile River, the Mediterranean Sea and near oases
Where are rain forests located in Africa? in Central Africa along the Congo River, near the Equator
Which environmental issue is negatively impacting the rain forests? deforestation
What type of job do people in the rain forests have? logging, oil industry
Where is the Sahel located in Africa? south of the Sahara Desert and north of the rain forests
Which environmental issue is negatively impacting the Sahel? desertification
What types of jobs do people have in the Sahel? subsistence farming and herding animals
Subsistence farming when farmers only grow enough food for their families to survive
What is the relationship between literacy rate and standard of living? The higher the literacy rate, the higher the standard of living
What is the difference between ethnic groups and religious groups? Ethnic groups share a common culture, traditions, history, and language. Religious groups share a common religion.
Where do Arabs live in Africa? In north Africa
Which religion do most Arabs practice? Islam
Which religions to the Ashanti practice? Animism (traditional religions), Islam, and Christianity
Where do the Swahili live in Africa? East Africa
Which religion do most Swahili practice? Islam, with mila
Describe the Bantu people. The Bantu people migrated from the Sahara desert throughout central and southern Africa. Many people in Africa can trace their language and cultures to the Bantu.
What are the two most common religions in Africa? Christianity and Islam
What are "water wars"? Disagreements between countries about how to share the limited fresh water resources
Why are "water wars" becoming a reality in Africa? The amount of clean fresh water is shrinking, while the population in Africa is continuing to grow.
What are the causes of desertification? overgrazing, drought, poor farming practices, and deforestation
How is desertification negatively impacting the people in Africa? Farmers are unable to use their land once it becomes a desert which leads to poverty and starvation.
How does polluted water impact people in Africa? It is difficult for people to find clean water to drink and use in Africa. Drinking polluted water can lead to sickness and even death.
What is the tallest mountain in Africa? Mt. Kilimanjaro
What river is in central Africa, over 750 feet deep in parts, and flows through the rain forest? Congo River
Created by: Mrs. Corey
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