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Final Review 8th 1st

Review over all units and subjects, includes a bit of intro, standard, and ACC.

As voltage increases, current __________. Increases
Explain energy transformations within an open or closed system. Make sure to include chemical,mechanical, electromagnetic, light, sound, thermal, electric, potential, and kinetic energy. When energy is in a closed system it’s unable to transform into transform into other energies. When is energy is an open system it’s able to transform into other energies.
Give an example of energy transformations with these types of energy, and explain; chemical,mechanical, electromagnetic, light, sound, thermal, electric, potential, and kinetic energy. For example a battery starts with chemical when it’s put into a motor it goes from magnetic, to mechanical, to electrical.
Locate Georgia’s region, nation, Continent, and hemispheres. Region: Southern eastern of the U.S. Nation: United States Continent: North America Hemispheres: Northern and Western hemispheres
(12x-1+2x^‍2)+(x^2+4) 3x^2+12x+3
(2x^2-4x+3) +(x^2+5x-1) 3x^2+x+2
(3x^2-5x)-(-4+x^2+x) 2x^2-6x+4
(x^2-3x+7)-(6x^2+4x+12) -5x^2-7x-5
(x+3)(x-3) x^2-9
Identify the terms. 3x+5=20 3=Coefficient x=Variable 20 and 5=Constant
Convert 23 miles to feet 12,440ft
Convert 120 Ibs to kilograms 54.48kg
Convert 6 feet to miles 0.001 miles
Compare and constant a mechanical and a electromagnetic wave. Electromagnetic -no medium -travels 3,000,000m/s -transverse wave -light waves Mechanical -requires a medium -travels 343m/s -types of waves-compressional,longitude, and transverse
Explain how Hernando de Soto impacted Native Americans. When, Hernando de Soto first arrived in Georgia he was nice ,but soon became harsh on the American Indians. His search of gold led to a war killing many American Indians. The Spanish diseases also led to the American Indians casualties.
Explain how the Spanish missons on the barrier islands impacted Native Americans. When, Spanish missions arrived along the barrier islands they began converting Americans Indians to Christianity. However, the convert was very harsh. Those who chose not to convert were killed.
Explain the importance of the Charter of 1732. The Charter of 1732 allowed James Oglethorpe to start a colony for the worthy poor.
Explain the successful reason for the founding of Georgia. Georgia was founded to protect South Carolina, during that time South Carolina was being threatened by the Spanish in Florida.
Explain the unsuccessful reasons for the founding of Georgia. James Oglethorpe wanted to start a colony for the worthy poor. That’s one reason why Georgia was founded. Oglethorpe wanted debtors to be able to pay off the debt and start a new life. James Oglethorpe also hoped he would be able to expand their economy.
Explain the relationship between electricity,and magnetism. Their relationship is known as electromagnetism. This is when moving electrons create a magnetic field. So, an electric current can produce an electric and magnetic field.
How can an electromagnet be made? An electromagnet can create a electric and magnetic field by a wire be wrapped around an iron, connected to a voltage source.
How is a generator made? With a generator a magnet is placed in the center of the loop of wire and rotate freely. As the magnet rotates, the magnetic field produces an electric current in the loop of wire.
Define Motion. Movement of an object.
Define Mass. The amount of matter in an object.
Define Force. A push or pull applied to an object.
What would a graph for the relationship between mass and inertia look like? It would be increasing.
Explain how the electrons move in a series and parallel circuit. In a series circuit electrons flow in a single. In a parallel circuit electrons flow in multiple paths.
Explain the reasons for European exploration and settlement of North America, and the special interest of the Spanish and British in the southeastern area. The Spanish and the British were settled in North America to spread their religion, gain fame, and find gold. However, the British were mostly interested in raw materials so they can turn those into goods.
Which of Newton’s 3 laws are represented when you keep moving forward in a car? 1
Which of Newton’s 3 laws are represented when you have to apply more force to move a bigger object? 2
An experiment is conducted where one student throws a ball and notices the force of the ball pushing back on them. What law is shown? 3
What does the Law of Universal Gravitation state? All objects have gravity and are attracted to each other.
Give 4 examples of what the Mississippians ate. Their food consisted of corn, squash, beans, and pumpkins.
The Mississippians built their towns near what physical feature? Rivers
Give 2 examples of what the Mississippians used for defense and hunting? (weapons) Bows and Knives
Explain the reasons for European exploration and settlement of North America, and the special interest of the Spanish and British in the southeastern area. The Spanish and the British were settled in North America to spread their religion, gain fame, and find gold. However, the British were mostly interested in raw materials so they can turn those into goods
How did the railroads impact Georgia? The development of the railroads had a major impact on Georgia. Many cities were created because of the railroads. It lead to a good economic growth for Georgia.
How did the cotton gin impact Georgia? Since the machine was efficient it lead to more slavery and became popular not only in Georgia but Southern States as well. The machine would later cause southern states to be dependent on agricultural.
How are mass and gravity related? As mass increases, gravitational attraction increases.
How are distance and gravity related? Inversely
How do you calculate the mechanical advantage of pulley? Count the output ropes.
-5= v - 19 14 = v
B/7 = -15 b = -105
-24 = -4 + a -20 = a
-4n - 4 = -64 n =15
-14 = -8 + x/3 -6 = x
-32 = -2(-3 + x) 19 = x
7n - 4 - 2n = -19 n = -3
17 = n - 8 + 4n 5 = n
-24 = -6a - 2a 3 = a
2c + 7 + c = -14 + 3c + 21 Infinite Solutions
2( x + 4) -5 = 2x + 3 Infinite Solutions
-8x + 6 + 9x = - 17 + x No Solution
4y + 7 - y = 10 + 3y No Solution
-2(x+ 2) = -2x + 1 No Solution
-4a = 2a + 42 a = - 7
12a -15 = 8a + 1 a = 4
5a + 4 (3a- 8) = 4 + 13a a = 9
-2 ( x + 3 ) < 10 x > -8
-2 ( x + 2 ) > 4 - x x < -8
Rearrange this formulas. Solve for y ax + by = c y = c-ax
Rearrange this formulas. Solve for y 2x - 3y = 8 y = (8 -2x)/3
List the domain and range (2, 6) (-4,-8) (-3,6) (0, 4) Domain: { -4, -3, 0, 2} Range : { -1, 2, 7 }
List the domain and range (-5,2) (3, -1) (6, 2) ( 1, 7) Domain : { -5, 1, 3, 6} Range : { -1, 2, 7}
List the domain and range (-2, 1) (3, 2) (5, 2) (-6, 5) (-2,1) Domain : { -6, -2, 3, 5} Range : { 1, 2, 5}
w(x) = 4x + 5 find w(-8) w(-8) =-27 ( -8, -27)
h(x) = 2x + 5 find h(2 h(2) = 9 (2,9)
g(n) = 4n - 5 ; find g(6) g(6) = 19 (6, 19)
g(n) = n + 2; find g(1) g(1) = 3 (1, 3)
g(n) = n^2 + 4n; find g(2) g(2) = 12 (2, 12)
When wanting to pry something open, what simple machine would you want to use? A lever.
How many major interstates are there in Georgia? 5
What city in Georgia is known as the Railroad hub of the south? Atlanta
This is general name for the voluntary exchange of goods and or services. Trade
Like Savannah, this deep-water port in Glynn county plays a major role in the economy of Georgia. Brunswick
This is the arrangement where buyers and sellers learn information from one another and voluntarily exchange goods, services and money. Market
Which of Georgia's transportation systems BEST allows Georgia business people to travel to international cities and Georgia companies to reach international markets? Airports
Which MOST affected the growth of suburbs around the Atlanta area? Interstate Highways
This is the world's busiest airport in terms of the total number of passengers and total flights. It is the primary hub of Delta Air Lines. Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
This city was the colonial capital of Georgia and currently has a large an important international harbor. Savannah
The Second Treaty of ___ ___ (two words) was signed by Chief William McIntosh giving what was left of Creek territory to the state of Georgia. Indian Springs
This is a Native American group who originally lived in parts of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, and are related linguistically to the Seminole. Creek
Following the agreement that was reached in the Treaty of Indian Springs in 1825, Chief William McIntosh lost his life. Why did this happen? Creek leaders executed McIntosh because he made agreement without their consent.
He led American forces against the British in the War of 1812, was the seventh President of the United States, and evicted the Cherokee from the Southeast during the "Trail of Tears" era. Andrew Jackson
From 1828 to 1866 he served as Chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1828–1866, overseeing the relocation of the Cherokee from the American Southeast to the Indian Territory. John Ross
This was the forced migration of the Cherokee Indians to Oklahoma in 1838-39. Trail of Tears
This is the name of the 1835 treaty that resulted in the Cherokee giving up all claims to land in the Southeastern U.S. and agreeing to move to "Indian Territory" in Oklahoma Treaty of New Echota
When multiplying exponents what operation do you do? Addition
The set of all numbers, including all rational and irrational numbers. Real numbers
These are numbers that cannot be written as fractions, numbers with decimals that do not end or repeat Irrational Numbers
Which statement is true about the product of a non-zero rational number and an irrational number? It is always irrational.
What is the definition of work input? Work you put into the machine.
Use specific details to describe where on the world Georgia is. Use full sentences. Use specific details to describe where on the world Georgia is. Use full sentences. Hint: Region, nation, continent, and hemisphere. Georgia is located on the northern part of the hemisphere that can be found in North America. To be more specific, Georgia is in the southern part of the United States.
How was water an important factor in Georgia’s development and economic growth? Because water is a necessity for living, towns and cities were built around a body of water. Not only did this provide the people water, but was also used for trading purposes that would boost the economy.
What were the three land policies in Georgia? The three land policies were the land lotteries, the Yazoo Land Fraud Act, and the headright system.
How did it affect Georgia? Land lotteries and the headright system gave settlers the chance to participate in gaining land; this attracted many people to move to the south; this resulted in Georgia’s economic development to grow.
5x + 2y > -8 y > -5x - 4 2
2x - y - 4 > 0 y > -2x -4
What is work output? Work the machine does.
Calculate the mechanical advantage. (A pulley that has 5 ropes and one is the work input.) 4
Determine the recursive rule 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23 Add 3
What will be the eighth number? 2. 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23 26
What is the Recursive rule? 2, 7, 12, 17, 22, 27, 32 an = an - 1 + 5
Find a13 10, 18, 26, 34, 42, 50 106
Write the explicit rule for the sequence. 0, -2, -4, -6, -8, -10, -12 an = 0 - 2(n - 1)
What is a scientific notation? Shorthand way of writing really big or really small numbers. Notation is written as a product of two numbers. For example, the first number one and ten. The second number must be a power of ten.
What are the properties of exponents? 5^3 In the example above, five is called the base and three is called the exponent.
Put the following into scientific notation. 6.85 x 10^7 68500000
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