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Asia Quiz 3

This was built by China on the Yangtze river to prevent flooding, improve shipping on the river, and to generate hydroelectric power...Similar to The Aswan High Dam in NASWA The Three Gorges Dam
India's economy is becoming more capitalist
India's government is the world's largest democracy-(parliamentary democracy) or (British-Style democracy)
What landform are the Koreas? peninsula
South Korea was liberated by _________became democratic (Allies) United States
1950-1953; North vs. South (USSR vs. US) The US fought to stop the spread of communism same purpose for Vietnam War) 38th Parallel (DMZ) Divides North/South Korea No peace treaty and still tension today The Korean War
North Korea - Communist; Unlimited government/People do not make decisions - (People suffer in this economy) South Korea - Capitalist; Limited government/People make decisions (People do not suffer in this economy Compare the economy of North Korea and South Korea
Compare the government of North Korea and South Korea North Korea - Communist/Unlimited government South Korea - Republic/Limited government
Religions of North Korea and South Korea North Korea - No Religion South Korea - None-43%, Christian-32%, Buddhist-24%
______________________was an Axis Power; they attacked US at Pearl Harbor; US then bombed (nuclear) Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end the war; US helped them rebuild after the war and are allies today Japan
Economy of Japan Capitalism; People make the decisions for business/Known for quality - Electronics, Technology, Cars
Government of Japan Constitutional Monarchy/They have a leader that has to follow a constitution
Japanese religions Shintoism and Buddhism
Geography of China is 4th largest country by area, largest by population Overpopulated- lack of resources for the amount of people/They have a strict 2 child policy to limit families
Three Gorges Dam Benefits: control flooding, ships travel inland, create electricity Drawbacks: people had to move, historical sites gone, less animal habitat
-4000 years ago on the Yellow River -most advanced (paper and ink, silk, clock, magnetic compass, printed books, gunpowder, fireworks) History of China
Dynasties are -ruled for 1000s of years -continues with family members ruling
-built to keep out foreign invaders from the north (Mongols) Helped with communication along the borders of China -is not one continuous wall -about 4500 miles long Great Wall of China was
-ruled by emperors (dynasties) -controlled by foreign countries (1800s) -became a republic (1912) -Nationalists vs. Communists -Communists take over (1949) Communist Revolution (China) is
-"One country, two systems" Some Capitalism but the government makes ALL economic decisions -Foreign companies like the US, invest in China, to get cheap labor and new customers -"Made in China" = in Economy of China is Communist - controlled by government
Government of China China appears to be an Unlimited Republic but is Communist - People's lives are controlled by government.
1989, Beijing, students protested for more freedom/rights Tianamen Square
Chinese religions Buddhist 18%, Christian 5%, Officially atheist
GDP Gross Domestic Product is the total value of a countries goods and services
GDP Economic Sectors agriculture, industry, services
GDP per capita divides the country's gross domestic product by its total population. (Per Capita-Per Person) GDP per capita
North was liberated by ___________ and became communist (Axis) USSR(Soviet Union)
38th Parallel (DMZ) Divides _________________ North Korea and South Korea
Created by: carolyn_thomason
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