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Amendments Notes

Constitution Rulebook for our country and blueprint for our government
Amendment Change or addition to the constitution
Number of amendments to constitution 27
Bill of rights 1st ten amendments to the constitution guarenteeing rights for all
Freedoms guaranteed by the 1st amendment (RAPPS) Religon, Assembly, Petition, Press, Speech
To gather in groups to protest Freedom of assemby
To write letters to the government expressing your opinion Freedom of petition
The right for newspapers and other media to print factual information and/or criticize the government Freedom of press
Amendment 2 Granted the right to "bear arms" (own guns)
Amendment 3 Prohibits soldiers from living in anyones house without permision
Amendment 4 States that private property can not be searched without "probable cause"
Probable cause A reasonable belief that a crime is being commited
Warrant Document issued by judge giving permission for police to search your belongings
Due Process The process that every American experience if accused of a crime
Double Jeoprady Being tried for the same crime twice
Self Incrimination Having to testify against yourself
Fifth amendment (CoDDS) Guaranteed right to: Compensation if the government takes your land, Due Process if accused of a crime, No Double Jeopardy, No self incrimination
Amendment 6 (QWIILPS) If accused of a crime you may, Question your accusers, have Witnesses testify on your behalf, be Informed of the charges against you, have an Impartial jury decide the case, have a Lawer, have a Public trial, have a Speedy trial
Civil Trial Trial to settle a disagreement (one person sues another)
Criminal Trial Trial to decide guilt or innocence of a crime
Amendment 7 Guarantees the right to settle dissagreements in a civil trial
Amendment 8 Prevents cruel or unusual punishment
Eminent Domian Idea that the goverment can take your property if it is for "the greater good"
The right to speak your mind Freedom of speech
The right to practice any or no religons Freedom of religon
Amendment 9 You have an infinite number of rights
Amendment 10 If its not mentioned in the constition its the responsibilitie of the states
Vermont's Representative Peter Welch
Vermonts Senators Bernie Sanders Patrick Leahy
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