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Wk 15/16 Review SS

3rd Grade Social Studies Review wk 15 &16

How is lack of recreation a "weighty" issue for us today? Kids are not getting enough excercise
Youth Sports programs include all of the following except? a.) Flag Football b.) Baseball c.) soccer d.) Painting classes Painting Classes
What did Juliette Gordon Low found? Girl Scouts of America
What is the difference between a lake and a reservoir? one is man-made and one is made in nature
Playing video games all day is a good choice if you want to be a healthy person. You should never excercise. True or False False
We are currently living in the : a.)information age b.) Ancient Times c.) 19th Century d.) past Information Age
In order for people in communities to feel safe we need_________. a.) Rules b.)Laws c.) Rules and Laws d.) to be free of all rules and laws Rules and Laws
Bill Gates created_________. a.) Apple b.)Microsoft c.) Cellphones d.) Computers Microsoft
Early communities quickly realized that parks were important to people. Today, parkland is often the center of a community. True or False True
Who discovered the vaccine for polio? a.)Hector P. Garcia b.) Louis Pasteur c.)Jonas Salk d.) Benjamin Banneker Jonas Salk
What was Juliette Gordon Low buried in? a.) Girl Scout uniform b.) dress c.) Bridal gown d.) plain clothes Girl Scout Uniform
What was the name of the boat the Four Chaplains went down with? a.) Rising Phoenix b.) Whale Tales c.) United States Military Ship d.) Dorchester Dorchester
A man-made body of water Reservoir
Part of an aquatic center pool
A body of water formed by nature Lake
Activities done for enjoyment Recreation
Old faithful, for one Geyser
Salk's invention Vaccine
Bill Gates' favorite communication tool Computer
Police officers, fire fighters, military troops, paramedics: are called first __________. Responders
Helen Keller's reading system Braille
American Indian school "Subject" for boys Hunting
Route for horseback riding mailmen Pony Express
First state to require children to go to school. Massachutts
Invented the Reaper McCormick
Feet, Bicycles, ships, trains, cars and planes are? Transportation
He formed the American G.I. Forum to protect the rights of women, Hispanics, and other minorities?? Hector P. Garcia
He discovered a vaccine to prevent the severe disease called Polio Jonas Salk
She made many important discoveries about space as a first woman astronomer. Maria Mitchell
He was a mathematician and astronomer who wrote almanacs and spoke out for the equal treatment of all races. Benjamin Banneker
He invented the automatic reaping machine, making farmers work much easier Cyrus McCormick
# 1) Go to Safari #2) Study Stack #3) Wk 15 & 16 review SS #4) Created by: Dayna Farmer #5) Play! Have fun! How to get on study stack!!
Created by: Daynafarmer
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